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Columbia River rises above flood stage in Vancouver

It's a good reminder to the campers, especially on Government Island, that the beaches might get narrower...and to watch the little ones vigilantly. The Columbia, actually ALL of the rivers are running cold, high, strong and fast. A 2 year old was swept into the Green (?) River yesterday...last I read, he'd been rescued, and was alive, but suffering from the cold water. Cautionary articles are a must for this 4-day weekend, people need to be aware. NOT panicking, just very aware.

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Russia yanks Gadhafi support, offers to negotiate exit

mango...don't get too excited. Russia has evidently experienced an epiphany of some sort, BUT, they're talking "exile" and replacement with one of Gadhafi's sons...which could very well be a "jumping from the frying pan into the fire" kind of thing--his sons have grown up in the atmosphere and existence of a totalitarian dictator, and that kind of power blinds men. While the Russians seem to have a nice idea, Gadhafi has pretty much put the kibosh on any peaceful, or easy, route. We shall see what we shall see..

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Letter: Accept Middle East as a lost cause

people and leaving all they own-again-will do any good for peace.

They made good inroads into Europe...the West--the USA--will be next.

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Letter: Accept Middle East as a lost cause

Have you all forgotten the dastardly deeds of the Palestinians during the 1970's?! Hijacking commercial international planes to deserts in Africa, and blowing them up?! Thankfully AFTER the passengers were taken off, although, they did execute an unarmed sailor on one plane, and tossed his body onto the tarmac. The Munich Olympics of '72?! The explosives-loaded-Palestinian who came, uninvited, to a couple of weddings in Jordan, and blew the receptions up in a bloody murderous massacre?! The airport rescue of Jews and Israelis in Uganda?! Pushing an old, crippled Jewish man into the ocean after hijacking a cruise ship--sorry, I can't remember the name of the ship?! Palestinians are firing 200+ explosive rockets into Israeli CIVILIAN neighborhoods EVERY DAY! But we're supposed to trust that the Palestinians will behave themselves?! LOL, not until the Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Muslim Lebanese, et al, wipe Israel off of the they've loudly professed that they would do since official Israeli statehood on to today. Nothing that Israel can do, short of packing up its

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Proposed parking garages panned

How much are the parking garages that we already have being used? There's one by Esther Short and the "new" city hall, but isn't there another one over by where Rose's and the fancy movie theatre were? This just does not make any sense at all....and, downtown will be nothing but condos and parking garages. Talk about "lipstick on a pig", this is like putting full make-up on that pig...with a garden trowel.

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Lethal plan for sea lions halted at Bonneville Dam

Let's all hear it for "kill, baby, kill". Why can't you all realize that HUMAN BEINGS have so decimated these fish for so many decades that the seals HAVE TO COME UP RIVER OR FREAKIN' STARVE! We have overused, over hunted, overfished the damned OCEANS, for pity's sake, and the damned wild fish cannot keep up with the mismanagement of human beings!! Jeez, cut the commercial haul and halt the gill netters, and you still won't save the salmon, or the steelhead. The wild fish are overfished that they can NOT reproduce enough anymore. YOU "sportsmen, and women" only have yourselves to blame. Better yet, be real sporting about it, go out and beat them to death with clubs, like the Canadian villagers do to the seal pups on the ice. Human beings have decimated the salmon and steelhead to the point where they are NOT going to survive...even if you slaughter the starving adult seals. Or are you all just too stupid to not understand the term "over kill"?

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Actually, Goldie, I'm going to be glad when I don't have to read about "kill, baby, kill" from all of the "sportsmen"-like fisher people. You people are sick. Why not get up close and personal about selfish killing and just take clubs and beat them to death. Oh, but wait, they're bigger than the little white pups that are slaughtered on the ice...but that's exactly what you all sound like: ignorant villagers wanting to slaughter something from nature. Disgusting! Stop the GOD DAMNED commercial over-takes, and then go after the gill netters and the tribes...then you might have some fish to catch. These poor fish have had their numbers decimated by HUMANS so badly that the seals HAVE TO come up the rivers or starve.

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Lethal plan for sea lions halted at Bonneville Dam

kang...never trapped any mouse, or mole, or squirrel, or rabbit, or raccoon, or opossum, or any other living thing in anything other than a live-trap...then released them out in a wilder place. Flies, mosquitoes, and spiders are safe IF they stay out of my home...inside, they are fair game. I'm not a perfect human being, but I was raised to respect non-human life. And, yes, I come from a family of hunters and fishers.

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Letter: Concentrate on creating more jobs

WOW! Swiss is one of those rich, capitalist, eh? With "Old World" sensibilities.

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Value Motel owners ask for more time to clean up

Jeez, vancouverphil, I would HOPE that they are NOT making homeless people stay in that rat-hole. That would be just too cruel, and unhealthy for any children.

Since I don't live near the joint, I'm not sure, but I would bet that there's quite a bit of prostitution and drug dealing going on...maybe human trafficking. We've been here since '79, and the place started going downhill when the restaurant left. It was an Elmer's...we used to go there after church with our daughters. Jeez, that was a long time ago.

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