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I understand your problem, my most popular chat system has over 20,000 registered users and receives over 4000 comments a day, so I know what a chore it can be to run one of these systems, but we have people in place(mostly volunteer) as well as the systems is set up in such a manner to catch the trolls and restrict their damage.

There are plenty of ways to handle this without turning it over to FB. Many of my blogs and chat systems deal with very controversial subject matter, they still run pretty smoothly..

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As a person that spent 26 years in the Military and retired, I get enough threats and derogatory messages because I post from a different perspective than many others on those issues!

Setting up a FB account with my real identity would be nothing but an invitation to get more crap from people because they don't agree with my views on not only local politics, but world politics..

Now of course I can just keep setting up phony accounts and post away! LOL

I disagree with many that comment on the Columbian, but always do it in a respectful manner with my reasons and belief's.

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Matt, if your organization has a certain political view or agenda, then of course FB will improve the discourse, a supposed non-bias news source should have no political agenda, as the keeper of the press your company should allow views from all sides of an issue, within reason. Of course name calling as well as libel should not be allowed, it takes a full time person to monitor and administer these systems..I also know of many newspapers that have a system that require approval of a moderator or a member of their team to keep things civil and on topic. Comments, blogs, chat systems require work and most successful systems have a group of people to administer these systems. It takes money, time and strong effort to allow the public to comment on topics that are important to them Most of the time their views are not your views. It is work.

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Changes are coming to comments on

Well Matt,

My wife owns a web company, and we also run many chat or comment blogs, I can tell you from experience, that this move will be the death call for comments of any substance on the Columbian Website. Another thing to take into account, there are quite a few not so informed computer users that actually know how to set their security up correctly to prevent information theft or virus infection, which has occurred on Facebook many times in the past.

The opportunity to revert to the old system in the future does not ensure you will get a dedicated readership back, the internet is a funny thing, once people feel they have been taken advantage of, they normally don't return.

I currently have 10 different Facebook accounts, of course I only have one legal name! Makes you want to go hmmmm...the rampant fraud on Facebook is well known to those who visit Facebook and run computer/online companies.

I am sure my wife or any other webmaster that works in the real world would be more than happy to provide some help to get you guys back on track to keeping your comments section under control, believe me, I am not saying your webmaster does not know what she is doing, but there is always someone out there with more information, tips and tricks..

It is a shame, that the Columbian have decided to let another company manage their comments section due to the few that can be abrasive on this comments section, but I will not participate.

Now of course as Golden already knows, I do have a chat system set up, operational and ready to go for those who wish to discuss issues concerning SW Washington, anyone interested, feel free to drop me a note, with a little bit of effort, it can become the place to discuss information and issues concerning SW Washington, in a controlled as well as pleasant environment, and of course real names are not required and the system, only collects the information the user provides.

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Letter: Both states have tax advantage

Well just because you choose to work in OR, you have accepted the fact that they will charge you employment tax, we have known this for decades now, I myself willingly paid the tax when I lived in WA and worked in OR. Now on the issue of not paying sales tax when you shop in OR, you really are not off the hook for the taxes due on items purchased, you are by law suppose to report your purchases and paid the taxes on them.

I, take a couple of trips each year to WA to purchase large ticket items for my business that I can't purchase in the state of Montana, in which I contribute 10's of thousands of dollars to business in WA. If the exemption is done away with, I will simply purchase through the net, even paying the shipping on these items, I will save over what I would pay in sales tax to the state of WA.

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White House will not release bin Laden death photo

And yes, War is very messy, there is no doubt about it, the intent of war is to kill, this time we killed him, perhaps the next time they will kill one of our upper leaders, but there is no doubt war is messy..been there done that.

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White House will not release bin Laden death photo

By the way, I have NO euphoric feelings right now, I didn't when I heard the news Sunday afternoon from friends of mine still serving in the region, I don't rejoice at the death of any human...

One thing I can tell you for a fact, I lost a couple of men, to a couple of enemy combatants that were treated very well, they were allowed to eat in our mess tent every night while they were in custody, we feed them, allowed them to clean up, play cards with us.. We treated them very well. We were told we could allow them to go home, we did, they showed up the next night armed, with bombs, came into the mess tent, we show the same respect and hospitality that we had shown them since day one, after they finished their meal, they pulled the cords on two body bombs in the mess tent with those they had been hanging out with for a couple of weeks.

I have a very strong compassion for others, but this really changed a lot of perspective for me..

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White House will not release bin Laden death photo

Well I was there the first time bombs fell on Bagdad, and no I have no questions about what has happened in the last few days. He was the leader of a homeless enemy faction, we killed him. I suspect we will feel repercussions because of it..but my morality is at peace, and I have no problem with it.

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Insurer for B.G. schools apologizes


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White House will not release bin Laden death photo


OBL was not an American Citizen and he was not on American soil, hence, he nor we were subject to the Constitution of the US, the governing rule is international law as well as the Geneva convention. Now as far as Assassination, he was not the leader of a country, in fact he did not have a country, he was simply killed in a military operation, we have laws in this country against assassinating a head of state, but there is nothing about enemy combatants... you don't have to actually be holding a weapon, you simply have to make the attempt to get the weapon at hand and you are free to use deadly force..

Perhaps, you should read the constitution, and understand it, it has nothing to do with this particular instance, as I said, he was not an American Citizen, he was not on American Soil, when it comes down to it, he was a non-country identified gurella fighter, if he was caught here, he would have been considered a spy and could have been killed, found on other soil he was an enemy. I am sure there orders were capture if possible, kill if needed and was left to the commander of the team to decide the definition of when needed.

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