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Vancouver reaches $18.5 million deal on City Hall sale

The savings seem to be accurate as of today, June 2010 but may not exactly reflect actual savings. The statement:
"Right now, Vancouver leases five buildings at an annual cost of more than $1.7 million" I am sure today is true. Of the 1.7 mil a good chunk is the lease of the Columbia Ultimate building by the mall. This building accommodates Transportation, IT and Community Development. This last year Community Development went from over 135 employees to about 80. Every other cubicle is vacant. As of April 2011 the lease would not be the current 800,000/yr but something about half that figure, if the publicized lay off's in the general fund are accurate.

Also note the statement that “The city already has $14.9 million in its capital fund for the sale". Over two years ago we were told that around 6 mil dollars for a new building will come from the building fund or in plain terms, the contractors, builders and developers who paid permit fees over the last 10-15 yearss. I don't know how they feel about driving in downtown traffic to obtain permits for projects east of 205.

In the long run this may save the city money, just maybe not in the next 5-10 years

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