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Camas wins 3A state soccer title

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Older and out of a job

I am sort of amazed that all these posters want to blame Obama. Many started blaming him nine months or so after he was elected. Bush had 8 years and handed over an economy on the brink of collapse and of course it wasn't all Bush's fault. He had a lot on his plate but I do remember him boasting in 2003 during his State of The Union that home ownership was at an all time high. Unfortunately increased incomes for the middle class did not account for this.

Very few presidents have had to deal with this kind of mess right out of the shoot. Republican, Democrat, Independent, it really didn't matter who was in office, this was not going to be an easy fix. And to think most of this was really avoidable. Subprime loans and Wall Street making billions in a runaway greedfest. I hope all those that made a lot of money and hid it offshore are happy because they really left the economy in shambles. I am sure we will get back on our feet but it won't happen overnight and we have a lot of countries hoping we will never be completely back.

As regards this article, pretty tough to lose your longterm job late in life at the same time your 401k got hammered. We can look forward to a lot of older people and a lot of younger people that will not be prepared for retiring and letting someone else have their job.

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Prairie rallies for quarterfinals victory

great sports writing, thanks Bob

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You might not like the taste, but it’s what you have to eat

It does need fine tuning for sure. There are just too many repeat games and that is not good for anybody. My understanding is that when Lakeside meets Holy Names in the Tacoma Dome, that will be the 5th game between the two schools. If they have to play each other again, make it on Friday or Saturday, not the first day of the tournament. I could say the same for Kennedy vs Prairie.

The financial numbers better look very very good to justify all the changes and the criticism of those changes. It is always about the money nowadays and that is reality. But if the revenues are not better, the WIAA will have to eat some crow and try something different.

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Prairie girls bound for quarterfinals

With Heather Corral still in the lineup, nobody was going to beat Prairie this year. It will be a much tougher fight without her. Now the tough competition really starts and Corral's contributions will really be missed. Prairie has to hope to have a new star born right before our "Tacoma Eyes"

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Prairie girls headed back to 3A tournament

This is the best Prairie defense I have seen and I have been following them since 1993. If they can combine this defense on a night when the 3's are falling, they are going to be a tough matchup for anyone they face. This just might be their year. We'll see how they handle a team with big players and a strong inside game.

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Herrera draws for office space

Jamie will do a good job and she'll also do what they all do: try her best to get re-elected and that is where the problem lies with government in general in DC. Give em six years to work for the people, don't spend a moment thinking about getting the job again, and at the end you head home and go on with your life. Next batter up.

By the way, what HS can claim a former student, a basketball player with a state championship and now a member of the House. Prairie High School!

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Union basketball game may not be available to local viewers

you can also listen to all the Wa State Championship games 3A and 2A at this site:

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Prairie girls fall, look to the future

I knew this would be a tough year. It was. I knew getting to state would be a big accomplishment after the loss to Camas. It was. I knew winning a trophy was going to be an even bigger challenge. It was.

In the end, a year that was fun to see unfold with the ups and downs a young team will face. Next year expectations will be back where they usually are and I look forward to 2011.

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Union boys win, will play for state title

johnson--somebody always has to ruin the moment.

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