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Evergreen arrives in time to win baseball playoff


Thanks for your comments. I am not sure if you follow high school sports regularly, but in Washington, depending on the classification, league, or district, there are several playoff formats that allow for both teams to advance regardless of the outcome of a "playoff" or "postseason" game. So, yes, we do need to explain when the season is over for a losing team.

Many sports use double-elimination formats. In some bi-district tournaments, a team can lose twice and still advance to state.

The 4A GSHL has gone with a one-game playoff for its second berth to bi-district this season in most of its team sports. (As reported in previous articles.)

The term "loser-out" is used by the WIAA and just about every media outlet in Washington. It is a quick way to explain to the readers that this one really is it for the losing team. We do this, again, because there are so many different formats for each league, classification.

(An example is the 3A district baseball tournament. That tourney played four games and only one of those games was loser-out. The losers of three of the games still advance to bi-district.)

I have heard of sudden-death overtime, but I cannot recall ever seeing "sudden-death playoff game" in any of the WIAA brackets or bi- district or district brackets.


Paul Valencia

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Spring Sports in the Northwest

Thanks, athlete. My brain went to sleep on that one. I'll make the change for the online version of the story. Stay dry, and thanks for the correction.

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DeBellis, injured Hess win gymnastics titles

Oh, and it's corrected now. Thanks again.

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DeBellis, injured Hess win gymnastics titles

Thanks, hessj.

Just got back from Tacoma. Also covered a couple of basketball games Saturday night so did not see this until now.

Sorry about the miscue.

Congrats to Southwest Washington gymnasts for a fantastic weekend.

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Camas wraps up 3A GSHL championship

Story on Logan Grindy should be posted within a few minutes. Tough news for the Papermakers.

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Skyview beats ‘The U.’

Game ran a little late and was on a quick deadline. Had a couple of miscues in the print edition. Think I have them fixed online now. Humphrey-Butler of Union had two TD passes and one rushing TD. ... Will have more on this game in the Day After Report some time Saturday or early Sunday morning on The Columbian's high school sports blog.

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Hello Alex,

I spoke with the Skyview AD last week about Kieran McDonagh. The family went through the proper procedures in an attempt to get an exemption to the transfer rule. The case went all the way to the District 4 eligibility board, and members of that board granted the exemption based on specific classes offered only at Skyview. Thanks for your earlier note.

— Paul V.

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Mountain View earning its place

This online story has a change from the print edition. I made a mistake in the print edition, trying to combine a couple of thoughts into one when referring to the two losses for Mountain View this season. I realized the miscue after deadline for print.

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Thanks for the note. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. The reason? I did not see this until last night. Seriously. This is somewhat of a new way to get a hold of us reporters. I still prefer e-mail. Anyway, there is no "notice" on my computer when I get a message through this system. ....

Regardless, I will make some calls on this to get you the answer. I have a good feeling I know what happened, but I want to double-check before I post anything.

Thanks again, and sorry for the delay.

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Day After Report: Week 6

Thanks, muddy. And thanks Bryan from I changed it up above. The Eagles did have a 14-8 lead, just not in the first quarter.

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