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State grants Value Motel's extension request

This is too funny. Given what little appears to have been done to date, I'm not sure the place could be adequately LEVELED within the next 30 days, let alone brought up to standards. Unless someone invites the Mythbusters up from San Francisco...

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Comcast cable focus of online survey

Competition would be wonderful! Charter offers better services at far better prices, Cox offers far better (faster and more reliable) modem service.

Yet because we're tied to only have Crumcast, we get hosed.

But don't strictly blame the local officials, this is par for the course over the vast majority of the country. The FCC is, at best, a co-conspirator.

Oh what I wouldn't give to have Google come into the area with their ACTUALLY high speed service.

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Freed after 17 years for a crime he didn’t commit

Maybe if this guy hadn't been wrongfully convicted, he wouldn't have a child support bill hanging over him! The absolute least the state could do is apologize and vacate his child support tab. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for punishing the truly guilty, but when they system goes this far off the rails, it truly worries me.

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Rape suspect served time for 2007 attack

A pattern of behavior has been established here. This dirt bag will never change. These types (serial rapists) don't. The only two viable options to keep the public safe from him, IMO, are life in prison or the death penalty.

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Wrong-way light warning downtown drivers

I like the Jersey barrier idea. Ugly as sin, but less ugly than yet another wrong way drunk accident!

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Four Vancouver fire chief finalists share leadership views

Sure, lets cheap out on paying for a new chief! I think the city would look awesome half burned to the ground and with half it's citizens dead or close to it because of incompetent leadership at the fire department and not being able to adequately respond to emergencies! Heck, lets save even more money and just close the fire and police departments!!!

Sarcasm aside, I think this whole penny wise/pound foolish attitude is ruining society as a whole! If we want Vancouver to become a third world level community, lets just keep stripping our public safety departments of their funding and therefore ability to do their job.

To be a world class community we need to attract world class public safety people by paying a competitive wage. Face facts, they deserve it for keeping our collective butts safe!

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Columbian.com's newest feature: Hide user comments

And if you order Trolls Be Gone now, we'll throw in a free order of Dolts Be Gone!

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Residents prompt removal of political placards that block drivers’ view

While the signs are, at best, a sever safety hazard, I think the more important point would be why people think they are of ANY value to start with? They never tell you WHY you should vote for a candidate.

I, for one, refuse to vote for ANYONE who allows these hideous looking pieces of trash to be littered about the community with their names on them.

If you're running for office and want to get the word out, tell me SOMETHING about WHY I should vote for you, otherwise you're just another blow hard who is of too little value to consume my time.

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Man gets 25 years for child rape

Concurrent sentencing is a bunch of bull$#!+

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Fired — and paid

So if we keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over, we should expect different results because...

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