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In Our View: Rapid Replacement

Yes, it's a represented democracy. Did we have a direct vote to invade Iraq? No, we sent someone to make the decisions for us. If you're unhappy with the choice, vote against Sharon Wylie or the commissioners who placed her there...
Fiscaltiger: Do you attend city meetings? Do you know which legislative district you belong to? You might want to make the attempt to gather your own information whenever possible rather than rely on the newspaper to feed you every tidbit.

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Memorial service set for slain police dog

I'm sickened by those who don't understand the concept of a beautiful animal being an extension of a police officer - and met his unfortunate end by serving this community. If you don't have something worthwhile to say, why bother? Why incense the rest of us who have a heart and would gladly pay their respects to a dog that touched the hearts of many children, officers and other citizens of Clark County - Kane was to retire in 2012. If you don't want to go, by all means, stay home and wonder why you don't have the decency to at least accept that most people realize he wasn't "just a dog". No dog is "just a dog."

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Letter: Extend laws to protect police dogs

Oh, and it's spelled ***surprise**** and ***persuasion**. Where did Mr. Tiger go to Grammar School?

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Letter: Extend laws to protect police dogs

and by the way, I believe ***"amateur***" is the word you're looking for, "fiscaltiger".

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Letter: Extend laws to protect police dogs

Alright - well, apparently some of you haven't loved a dog - or don't have a heart and/or respect. Those animals are highly trained - this Dutch Shepherd was trained to protect his officer and to get a hold of those evading arrest. As I mentioned, I wonder if there could have been a better outcome - but, unfortunately - it happened. He died while protecting the community - if you don't find that honorable, we plainly disagree.

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Of contests and hard workers

litterbug: Yes, they are real NEWS CHANNELS - my point is that Comcast is making a lot of money off infomercials. I pay for extended cable, personally - and am a stakeholder too! Unfortunately, my other options are "not available" in my area...NEVERMIND.

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Of contests and hard workers

**Enter on Facebook, Couvers**. (I missed that line too) Lou, let's get on track with some interesting stories - like how corrupt Comcast is - All they show are "paid programming"...I mean, infomercials during the day on channel 8? How conservative "news" is available on the basic program, but MSNBC was moved to extended in 2007...I think competition makes for greatness. Two coffee shops actually do BETTER when on opposite sides of the street. Jesus, they even bought the rights to the Blazer games - seriously, what is the deal??? Listen to "Waiting On the World to Change" - John Mayer. "When they own the information...they can bend it how they want..." Sorry this has nothing to do with my love for the Couv. But, it didn't really seem like a letter to the editor. Cheers!

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Of contests and hard workers

So, it could be a written article or a haiku? what if I made a mural?

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Thanks for your service - I have a hard time speaking against people who fought for my country - but don't you believe that democrats (such as Patty Murray) are doing their best to care for our veterans? They aren't the ones trying to cut benefits or lower wages - the GOP are notoriously short changing our veterans.

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Our Readers' Views

Doris Macias-Sanders - well said. I don't know where all this hatred comes from, other than from people who don't have any real solutions and instead decide to hate. Thanks for your letter.

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