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Peter L Williamson, you're an ignorant jerk. Thanks to these "illegals" - we were probably saved from an even worse financial collapse. They work here, spend money here, buy our gas - how could you have so much hate in your heart? THIS IS AMERICA. The great melting pot. La gente como usted me da vergüenza ser estadounidense la verdad.

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These clinics for "scared women" are more veiled attempts at anti-abortion propaganda. They pose as legitimate "sex education" but instead, force and exploit young girls who are making a terribly difficult decision to go forward with pregnancies - regardless of the circumstances. Why won't the right wing stop these practices?? They literally prey on people who are weak, suffering, scared or sick - Kudos to Representative Jim Moeller for sponsoring a bill to put a stop to this.
As a woman, there is nothing more disturbing to me than a MAN telling me what to do with my body.

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Dems label Herrera Beutler a ‘health care hypocrite’

Yeah, our Vice President coming wasn't even in the paper...but this joke was.

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Dems label Herrera Beutler a ‘health care hypocrite’ If you use comcast, check out my petition.

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Dems label Herrera Beutler a ‘health care hypocrite’

I think Kathie Durbin should be put on a "different beat"..I'm drawing up a petition.

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Dems label Herrera Beutler a ‘health care hypocrite’

Has anyone asked Jaime why she gave a different name while running??? I'm extremely confused.

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Dems label Herrera Beutler a ‘health care hypocrite’

I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Herrera-Beutler in the flesh at her Battleground forum. I even got to ask a question! After she wasted 30 minutes blabbering about the CBO's bipartisan, accurate analysis and how she was elected on fiscal responsibility - I asked her why she went against their recommendation regarding healthcare (considering they claimed it would save 40 billion). Her answer basically disproved everything she said, because she then back tracked and claimed the CBO received faulty information. They do their own analysis and economic projections, they don't rely on the word of someone who was in office before her...And if they did, why should we take her seriously now? Obviously her figures are way off. Of course it's convenient how the budget is so explosive because the Grand Old Puppets choose to forget that the 2 WRONG INVASIONS were spent on credit cards and are only now showing up on our budget...I was appalled with the amount of fluff and talking points this woman had. I can't believe anyone takes her seriously. She didn't explain anything! As I filled out the "what are you concerned about form" - JOBS wasn't even listed. Interesting. I'm pretty sure I've discovered the missing link. Republicans. They are literally lacking something in their brain - it's a scientific fact.

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‘Souper’ Sunday event aimed at filling bowls

I didn't think I could like Senator Pridemore any more that I already did...but I guess i was wrong. What a great leader.

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I’m riding 'The Couv' wave!

Makes me glad I'm not the have to have skin as thick as Buffalo hide, but the presence of mind to realize that obviously you're somewhat entertaining because they take time out of their busy days to tell you what a horrible human you are. The Millennials have been calling it "The Couv'" for a few years now...we use it in a satirical way..maybe that's not the right term..."It may be The Couve, but it's OUR Couve" - sort of like, Lou may be a blow-hard sometimes, but he's OUR blow-hard. It does suck being confused with Canada and Maryland - and I'm guilty of using Portland, OR just to avoid the explanation - but it would take millions to actually change the name to something reasonable...such as Ft. Vancouver?

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