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Keep your voice! Nothing is more boring than reading something so edited it comes out sounding like a technical article. There's so much flexibility in blogging - and I find it's easier to just put your thoughts down and let it roll..You'll become better and better with practice.

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You guys are jerks to each other. But I think it's beautiful that you can argue with each other, time and time again...You seem to all find one point that irks you and attack...
Well, the republicans probably don't want to help us get jobs. They would like us to be in dire conditions come 2012 - and it makes perfect sense. It's not about the people for them, it's about winning. Power, greed, money. I appreciate the editors for posting the honest, poignant letter from Debb Snyder - she's correct that our good elected officials can do wonderful things for people - my best to her. And, keep up the arguing. Just tone down the rhetoric and don't use cross hairs.

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haha nailing it, i think you're my biggest fan! thanks, i appreciate your support....i maybe should have gotten a handle..anonymousliberal or something

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In our view: It’s Time to Pitch In

Bravo to the Columbian for highlighting such an unsung hero as the YWCA. They singlehandedly operate so many programs to help people of all shapes, colors and genders and do so with a smile on their face. I am so proud to live in a county with a non-profit as positive and respected as the YWCA and hope people check out their website and learn more about what they are contributing to our community.

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exciting :) looking forward to reading your blog.

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It's good to be mayor

who are these hot girls? i'm tired of hearing we don't have any gorgeous chicks in vancouver...but if they even wrangled some from washougal, obviously they're around here somewhere. maybe they were flown in...

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Great discussion. I suppose being I'm a "young person", people don't believe that I understand history or the statistics (re: the great depression)...We, as citizens, have grown accustomed to a new middle class. One that is devoid of the "American Dream"..If we didn't have the safety nets in place from the first depression, we would be starving in the streets--instead, we're just trying to keep our heads above water. I would rather pay a little bit more at the gas pumps to make sure everyone had food than be too concerned about being a "socialist" and refusing to help my hungry neighbor.

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Teens sound alarm about sex trafficking

Bravo, girls. I'm so shocked, I had no idea what an issue this was! Thank you for being heroes for those who need you.

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SethAaron makes splash at Portland Fashion Week

SethAaron, do you have a petites collection? 5'4" size 0. Call me.

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If I were picking the top local story of the year from these four it would be:

I predict that Denny's done, so I'll place a friendly bet with whomever...

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