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Open forum, Nov 25-Dec 1

Hawkeye, Me for one lol

Yes, i could go along with you on that, but, the way the East side is growing, I would think there would be quite a number of people that would be for a bridge on the East too. It would also ease the traffic on the 205 bridge.

I think there are a lot of people that would embrace the bridge, not just Mr. Madore. I think he is just the lightening rod for the people that are against a bridge on the East end. Just my thought.

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Open forum, Nov 25-Dec 1

Hawkeye, It is two more bridges, one East and one West of the I5 bridges, and a refit to the I5 bridges.

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Open forum, Nov 25-Dec 1

Yes GO, my dog just can't seam to get enough to eat lately, don't know why, maybe your on to something, or maybe she is on a growing streak.
Hawkeye, simple, just don't get into it . Speaking about attitude, that is all you have on here is attitude.
Sorry about that word. I misspelled the word I wanted. I didn't even know there was such a word. Agin, my apologies.

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Open forum, Nov 25-Dec 1

Agreed GO, They like to slam people they don't agree with and completely ignore the things their favorites do. No matter how bad someone is, if it is their favorite, they ignore what they do, and if it is one they are against, no matter how important or trivial it is, they blow it up as for as they can.
Manthou Is the only one, so far, that has mentioned the positive things Com. Madore did, even tho, she did not dwell on them as she does on the things she disagrees with. I find good things and bad in all of them, with the exception of levitt and steave stuart. I do not like liars, snarky comments and temper tantrums.
Hawkeye, This is a open forum, anyone can discuss or state an opinion on any topic at anytime they wish. We don;t need a tauter to tell us or suggest to us what we can talk about on any subject or any given day.

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Open forum, Nov 18-24

Timerick, you are nothing like Yancy, ( Think God) I don't always agree with you, seems to be less and less lately, I respect you because you are polite and respectful of others. You, like Roger; speak with intelligence.

I used to go to Lewisville park until they started charging. I couldn't see why they thought they had to charge when we were already paying for it through taxes. I figured it was just greed, they found another place to gouge the people.
Why are they spending more time there now? They didn't have a problem before the charges were put on.

Allydog, I didn't think I would ever agree with you, but, I am in full agreement with you on our Sheriff and his demanding more money. They always want more and more money but, just like the school districts, you don't see any improvement in the dep'ts. IMO. The rest of your tirades, and I can lump them together as they are all the same, are all BS. IMO again.

As for the Benton thing, I don't think that was a good move, but wasn't there a precident set before, when former commissioners did that with hires. If I am mistaken I stand corrected, but I don't think I am.

Jacjac, I don't understand, why do you think they didn't have the facts before they considered changing the fees.

Hawkeye, One opinion does not make something a fact. Have you gone to the park to see for yourself if the park is gone to hell? I have, and have not found It all as you have described it. It is still neat, clean and is now open to people who could not aford to go to before.

You people that have been dumping on Benton, All you are saying is that he is sub-pare for the job. What has he done that is wrong in that capacity? You have not, as yet, faulted his work. He was hired as an administrator, how has he failed in that capacity? Haven't heard anything on that yet, just a bunch of retoric that he isn't qualified, you haven't mentioned in what way he isn't qualified. As I said before I did not think he should have been hired that way. I don't think he should have been hired at all as he already has a full time job.

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Open forum, March 11-17

Just got back into town, GO Elsie did not make the statement of from milking to end product. When it was my job to churn the butter, we got it from the neibhor in gallon jugs. The cream had already risen, I just skimmed it off the top. Didn't take that long. Half hour to 45 min. Yes, it took longer when I did the milking. Never did use a cream separator.

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Open forum, March 11-17

Else, Half a day to make butter? When I was a kid, it was my job to churn the butter. I, at first, shook it in a quart jar. Later we got a regular butter churn. I really like churning the butter, but it only took a half hour to 45 minutes from cream to butter and butter milk, that included getting the butter milk out of the butter. P.S. That wasn't a 100 years ago either. lol

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Open forum, Jan 7-13

Drift, where did that first star come from?

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Open forum, Jan 7-13

Goldieoldie, Gen.5:2 says God created man, male and female he created them, or something like that. So it sounds to me like man is the species and male and female are the gender of the male species. I think mankind includes all of the man species. When he said mans days were numbered to 120 or 140 years(I don't remember which) HE was not talking about just the male gender of the species, but the male and female as both were killed in the flood. I may be wrong but that is what it sounds like to me.

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Open forum, Dec 24-30

Thank you Golden Oldie, I knew I could count on you. I will see what mother earth has to say. Have a nice day and stay worm.

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