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Once again, greetings everybody. Feel free to contact me on Twitter @col_smallcities or Facebook -- Ray Legendre. Also, you can call me at 360-735-4517 or email me at ray.legendre@columbian.com.

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Fatal house fire stuns neighbors

Rendojul000: I'd like to talk to you if you have a moment. You can call me at 360-735-4517. Thanks, Ray.

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For local runner, Boston is a marathoner's dream

Good job, Micah! Cool story to boot!

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Prisoner agreement expected to save B.G. cash

Kumtux: Battle Ground is not charged by Skamania or Wapato for transport costs, according to city clerk Claire Lider. Thanks for your question!

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Also, check out my Twitter page @col_smallcities. Cheers, Ray

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Greetings everybody! Thanks for your interest! Feel free to contact me at ray.legendre@columbian.com or 360-735-4517 when you have questions and comments.

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Commentary: Words can send wrong message

Great column, Matt! Love how you localized a national sports story. Really strong take. Bravo!

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Mysterious Easter eggs appear overnight in Ridgefield

emrldwlf58: The article is fixed. My apologies to Cory for my mistake.

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