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Herrera Beutler votes for Gulf oil bill

Did anyone tell Herrera-Beutler that all the oil that is pumped out of the gulf goes into a supply pool where all oil companies BUY from? Yes, there is redundancy, where the oil companies are paying third parties to pump the oil and are basically paying themselves for the oil, but the oil is NOT property of the United States, in fact only a small percentage of it is used by North America.

For those that are especially dense or ignorant, (or Fox News watchers), THE OIL GOES INTO THE ENERGY COMMODITIES MARKET, WHERE IT IS OPEN FOR SALE TO ANYONE. All this talk about reliance on foreign oil is a farce, since we all buy from the same market pool, which is regulated by speculators, not so much the oil companies themselves. Besides, who do you think is pumping the oil out of the middle east? American-based multinational corporations like Shell, Exxon Mobil, and BP. Don't let BP fool you, they are no more a British corporation than Wal-Mart is.

Herrera is another party-line zombie, and all you normally Democratic-voting middle class folks out there should be regretting your vote just about now.

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Evergreen school employees receive non-renewal notices


Is the reason you are home schooling your kids next year because you want to teach climate change denial? or is it maybe because you want to tell them that the country was founded on Christianity. How about teaching them that Abortion is unconstitutional? Why pass on ignorant views like that? The next thing you know you will be teaching them is that Reagan cut taxes and the economy boomed. Yeah, for about a year before it tanked worse than it had in the previous 20 years.

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Evergreen school employees receive non-renewal notices

Lew, buddy,

WE ARE NOT BROKE! Just ask anyone that is raking in huge profits in the private sector due to unfettered trade and unregulated financial dealings.

I am so sick of John Boner and all the a-holes in the GOP telling us we are broke. The reason it appears that way, is because they INTENTIONALLY broke us. The Corporations are not paying taxes, and now neither are the rich. THE MIDDLE CLASS IS BROKE. The GOVERNMENT is under funded because of the upper -level tax cuts.

Meanwhile, in the smoke filled back rooms of the KOCH BROTHERS,....................
HUGE CACHES of money are being hoarded in the bank accounts of the super wealthy in this country. THE SO-CALLED JOB CREATORS ARE NOT CREATING JOBS. They are merely waiting until the last union has been dissolved, so they can then flood the market with slave labor level wages. These same greedy bastards would like nothing better than to abolish the minimum wage so they could offer even LOWER wages to millions of desperate Americans trying to survive. This is FEUDALISM and Fascism and needs to be stopped.

If I have to read any more ignorant, talking point based comments from middle class folks being led around by the nose by the rich and powerful, I am going to scream.

BONER says: "We can't tax the job creators because they won't be able to create jobs then." WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS SINCE THEIR TAXES WERE CUT??????????????????????? Where are the JOBS???????????????
FYI Righties, Clinton RAISED taxes on the rich and the economy boomed during that time, and middle class wages ROSE.

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Herrera Beutler to hold Vancouver town hall meeting

Now she is going to get a taste of the wrath of the voters, JUST LIKE BAIRD. One problem, Baird was right, and was willing to serve ALL the voters.

When the Herrera-Beutler express rolls into town with her Right wing talking points agenda nailed down pat, and she suddenly realizes that 70% of the people don't want Medicare and Social security abolished, and their childrens education reliant on a under-funded voucher program, will she listen, or do as all the other Republicans that have gone home to meet stringent opposition?

Will she really be stupid enough to defend her indefensable position? I am sorry to say the answer is YES!!!!

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Bin Laden unarmed when shot


PS, I heard the entire speech before. Face it, Bush GAVE UP on Bin Laden, in order to seek out his family's legacy, nothing more. (unless you want to add making a few dollars for his VP's company, Black water.

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Bin Laden unarmed when shot

Yeah Lew,

He was more worried about the soldiers HE SENT INTO IRAQ, where we shouldn't have gone in the first place. Had he finished the job on Bin Laden, we might not have to strip and get fondled at airports in order to travel. We might not have to pay for the MOST EXPANSIVE INCREASE IN GOVERNMENT since social security, Homeland Security. Please explain to me how the patriot act did anything but remove privacy and freedoms from the citizens of the US.

Stan Lee, so now we are the world's pliceman? If that was right, then why didn't we get more involved in Somalia? What about Darfur? Could OIL have something to do with it? Why not pursue alternative energy sources, and stop worrying about who does what to who in the middle east?

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Bin Laden unarmed when shot

Yeah, right... big "credit" goes to Bush, like when after the Iraq invasion was under way, W said about Bin Laden-- "Uh, I really don't spend that much time thinking about him"-- as the ball sailed over his head.

Obama said he would pursue him and kill him, with or without the aid of Pakistan and he stood by his word. What else do you want from him? More Bush hypocrisy?

Bush had him cornered, I was in support of that, and out of the blue comes the INVASION of a country unrelated to 911, even though that is what they wanted you to believe, then it was the "mushroom cloud", then it was to "free the Iraqi people", then it was to get rid of Saddam, who was completely handcuffed by the weapons inspectors and the embargoes. And FARTIMUS wants to talk about HYPOCRISY??????


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Work to limit traffic in Salmon Creek


If you know how to navigate the area, it isn't so bad. But it sure will be nice when they take FWY access and move it north. At commute time, there are a lot of crazies out there.

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Obama: Terrorist bin Laden killed in raid

Menlo is a class a jackass. I'll bet he died six months ago from cranial-rectal inversion.

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