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Vancouver council votes against paying toward dependents' health insurance premiums

Kudos for Burkman for suggesting stronger leadership by example. I am disappointed that the full council was not brave enough to join him.

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Fire damages Uptown Village landmark

Many years ago I did research on west Vancouver groceries as part of work on the failed Vancouver Food Cooperative and recall that most Safeways had a lifespan of 20-30 years. I don't know if I kept my notes but my memory is that Piggly Wiggly (near the present La Botega) on Main Street was the first modern grocery in Vancouver, followed by the Scofield Corner Safeway, which basically migrated north once (to the old Beckwith's Bicycles?), then again north of 39th then south again to its current location at 3707 Main Street. My years-old memory is that for a few years there were three Safeways in this area: Scofield, Main Street and an administrative building near 17th and "C" (current Ticor Title?).

Please let us have some compassion for three businesses which have been seriously hurt, rather than making ourselves feel smug by mocking some of their customers, eh?

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Herrera slams ‘runaway spending’

@king2641 Yes. Single payer or a strong public option would have been better, indeed.

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Acid 'victim' admits injuring herself

Congratulations to VPD for identifying and publicly discrediting this hoax, but I wonder at folks who so clearly accepted the "random angry black hurts pretty white girl" narrative, which has a long history in our nation.

How sad that Vancouver has been added to the list of places where falsehoods were too quickly believed.

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Herrera slams ‘runaway spending’

If one is against "runaway spending" then one is logically against Medicare Advantage, which channels federal funds that would otherwise go to Medicare to a few large contributors, with a 14% "cost plus" bonus on top. This was corrupt crony capitalism at its worst, and next on the chopping block should be that part of George W Bush's "prescription drug coverage" which explicitly FORBIDS the government from negotiating lower prices for Medicare as the Veterans Administration and Canadian governments do.

A key thing to remember when looking at the "Bush tax cuts" that are set to expire is that these were raw give-aways using borrowed money. If one "cuts taxes to stimulate growth" (!) and does not reduce spending, the difference is paid for with debt (as were two "off-book" wars this century) under Jude Wanniski's "two santa claus theory."

The "two santa claus theory" is a cynical Republican assertion that the main use of government is to redirect government money to one's supporters. Faced with popular Democratic programs such as Social Security and Medicare, the GOP had to come up with some way that *they* could look like Santa Claus too, and so they gave us "tax cuts" that are done with borrowed money in ways that directly benefit their supporters: the aforementioned "Medicare prescription benefit," Medicare Advantage, Halliburton handouts and George W's great bank bailouts of late 2008.

Herrera's rhetoric is hypocritical balderdash, and her decision to focus on Medicare Advantage is clear evidence that (A) she understands this or (B) is oblivious to fiscal reality. One cannot borrow against the treasury to give away "tax cuts," dramatically expand police bureaucracy such as the TSA and run two wars without including them in the federal budget for long.

Last time I checked, housing was the leading indicator that led the way out of major recessions. Giving "small business tax breaks" to lobbying firms with profits above $250,000 and borrowing money to subsidize "tax breaks" for folks who are building factories in China will not help promote consumer spending or housing starts in the United States. If the Fed is going to be printing money, it makes more sense to inject it low on the economic pyramid. Walmart will get its pound of flesh, I assure you.

If we cannot afford the one federal Santa Claus that Herrera rails against, we certainly cannot afford her second, delusional one.

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Map offers guide to county’s trails

The full map is available online at

Separate quadrants for printing on 8.5x11" paper can be downloaded at

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Fruit Valley Road was closed north of Fourth Plain until midday Tuesday as detectives investigated a

Why even bother? The police are going to be exonerated and nothing is going to change. Every cop has to believe that they are good and every citizen likes to believe it can't happen to them. Pray that God delivers some justice, because the courts surely won't.

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Vancouver man killed by police was Iraq war veteran

The police did exactly as they were trained to do. This was a tragic mistake. Blah blah blah. There will be no action taken against the officers or the commanders or the trainers because really, who cares? Holding a weapon in the presence of a police officer is clearly grounds for summary execution and everyone should feel comfortable phoning the police for help. Deadly force can be delivered, as easily as dialing for a pizza. All veterans are crazy anyway and all police are good.

Nothing to see here.
Nothing to question.
Move along.
Go back to sleep.

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Rally voices frustration about immigration reform, Baird

Ronald Reagan's 1986 amnesty bill for illegal aliens was a mistake. Intended as a thank-you to the California agricultural industry back in the days when Republicans thought the fecundity of Latinos might give them a counter to the "captive" African-American vote for the Democrats, this was a disastrous mistake, like so many Reagan-area economic policies.

The United States does not have an illegal immigration problem. It has an illegal employer problem. Through willing indifference to large industries that draw these poor people across our borders to work illegally and a systematic network of shell-game "contractors" to provide legal cover, the federal government has been undercutting American workers for decades now.

Systematic, race-neutral prosecution of illegal employers is the best "immigration reform" possible, followed by a tightening of the H-1B visa rules that undercut older technical and professional workers. Prosecuting a few large companies into bankruptcy will show that we are serious about illegal immigration and interested in protecting native-born workers.

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Officials: Rising costs strain Superior Court

Oh, goodness. If we don't raise taxes, people might have to wait longer for their divorces to be final. Heavens to Betsy! Let the courts slim down like everyone else.

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