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Local View: Craigslist enables sex trafficking of minors

Feather inflation is a longstanding hobby of Linda Smith's, and facts rarely bother Republican free-market types. Besides, everyone in Clark County knows that the *real* way to get sexual access to children is through relatives or church groups.

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A quick Google search for first-year vacation time by presidents showed the following breakdown, as per

1. Bush the Younger
2. Ronald Reagan
3. Bush the Elder
4. Obama
5. Clinton
6. Carter

And boy golly, that sure is terrible that electricity shall create an "unnatural swath" across our rural landscapes. Next thing you know, Shangri La will be besmirched by television, flush toilets, or paved roads.

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I am in favor of open carry, but assert that anyone who finds Esther Short a "dangerous area" is a few rounds shy of a magazine, probably shooting blanks and likely to need a reconstructive podiatrist. I love my civil rights and often enjoy guns, but some "gun people" are just embarrassing.

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Lotto cash changes man's life swiftly

What a great story! I am glad to hear such good news for a local man and his family.

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"When the only tool you have is a hammer," goes an old saying, "everything starts to look like a nail." 1980's trends toward cost-saving "de-institutionalization" and a desire to get the federal government out of education and mental-health care predictably led to an increase in homelessness and threw the mentally ill to an over-funded and increasingly militarized police system. Is someone crazy? Throw them in jail! Out of sight is out of mind. Problem solved.

Kudos to Ann Donnelly for recognizing that police are not the answer to all social problems and promoting more humane and cost-effective solutions for our mentally ill. Now, if only we had the heart and will to pay for it.

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Soccer club has synthetic goal

I hope that HB Fuller can afford to make this upgrade. It sounds like a real winner for everyone, and will save the athletes and their family lots of travel.

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Hospitals hurting for paying patients

The healthcare model of the past thirty years has relied on employer-subsidized health care, expensive technology and the ability to cherry-pick a significant portion of clientele from a demographically-convenient base. As the United States ceases to be the leading industrial nation and manufacturing goes away, this changes. A wiser business model would be for the private hospitals to break ranks with the insurance companies, big pharma and medical equipment manufacturers to aim for a long-term sustainable business in basic medical care for all. They won't.

This writing has been on the wall for a long while, but grows larger as they approach it at accelerating speeds.

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In Our View: Pilotless Progress

Ooops, opening paragraph should have read "how many tens of thousands have died in Iraq for EACH OF the 3000 US deaths that Iraqis had nothing to do with."

Taking a conservative estimate of 100,000 documented deaths by violence in Iraq (and not counting US or coalition casualties) I think we have demonstrated our technical ability to kill large numbers of people without using UACV's. For the mathematically challenged we have "paid back" 3000 deaths with approximately 34 each, all completely unrelated.

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In Our View: Pilotless Progress

Leaving aside for a moment the proportionality of body counts and how many tens of thousands have died in Iraq for the 3000 US deaths that Iraqis had nothing to do with, I would note that "collateral" damage from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks is much higher than most accepted methods of warfare and that a July 2009 study estimated that there were approximately ten civilian deaths for every militant killed, an 1100% ratio. Many of these killings are also taking place with no significant legal oversight, since they are "black ops" not subject to normal civilian controls, often run under CIA cover within Pakistan. This is one of many reasons that a June 2009 report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva called for more legal oversight. Many of these attacks may be wholly illegal under the laws of war.

At 25 million or so for a UAV such as the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator in addition to the associated command infrastructure, development contracts and corporate kickbacks, the purpose of these aircraft is to make money, not protect anything. $25 million could pay a lot of rednecks with two-by-fours to stand along our border twenty-four hours per day and potential gains to meteorological science are very minor.

This is about sucking tax dollars for illegal actions that destroy our credibility and moral standing in the world. While I appreciate hometown pride in a local company getting a slab of this blood money, it does not wash the sin away. This program is a boondoggle and throws money at moral wrong, rewarding it on several levels.

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Vancouver officer dies on off-duty bike trip

Many people know that I am no great fan of our "justice" system and am often critical of police. Because of that, I try to pay extra attention to their conduct, and so am sad to hear of Officer Young's passing. He was a friendly presence in downtown Vancouver and in years of watching and interacting him I never saw him treat anyone with other than the utmost respect. His humor, ready smile and amicable manner will be missed downtown, and Vancouver will be a poorer place for his passing. I am grateful that I had the pleasure of seeing him do something he so obviously cared about, and that he was able to pass in the prime of life doing something he loved.

His smile shall be remembered. Condolences to his family and friends.

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