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Open Forum, Aug. 15-21


Local business owners want to keep Taxes low to line there pockets.. can you tell us who these people are? And OBTW we pay more in property taxes than any other county in Washington state.. Isn't that where most of our tax money for needed services goes to!How about cutting back government and create more jobs in the private sector...Hussein is only good at creating government jobs... Local Business owners are "shysters" in your opinion???Hummm...

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Open Forum, Aug. 15-21

You were doing so good but you lost me right before 2008, what happened in the last 3 years? What "god" or faith was in affect then and now that is control of the white house. I know it's a sunday but boy....It seems many are so afraid of the tea tootlers...Yet we sure bought into change 3 years ago and I sure was skeptical and for good reasons, lack of clear leadership..

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Open Forum, Aug. 15-21

It's not just the young but everyone... Albert Einstein Quotes. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" This is our problem.... I see it everyday in our business and industry.... Most of our problems are not overwhelmingly difficult to fix, it's just that we have people in power that want to continue doing the same things hoping and expecting different results.. We need to move these people out of the white house and congress and get "new blood" in there...JMHO...

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Open Forum, Aug. 8-14


I agree with much of what you said here in the last few hours.. If you have a CEO and the businees isn't growing what do they do with the CEO.. Thats right Fire there A$$...Again I vote for the person and there platform not the party they come from..I think it's time to re do the tax codes and insure a fair tax to "everyone". That would be a huge start in the right direction..

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Open Forum, Aug. 8-14


Loud,Narrow minded, unforgiving,no accountability, That sounds like the Democrats.Per yesterdays Presidential speech to auto workers in Michigan he blames congres for inaction and not putting forth jobs bills... He also says the Americans workers "Could Be" the best workers in the world but are being held back by politicians.. OMG.. Can he blame everyone else but himslef for the situation we are currently in. This is your Leader and look what he is doing Blame, blame, Blame..... That is the democratic message nailingit..Blame everyone else and VOTE FOR ME.... What a baffoon...If I was one of those workers I would have asked "well why don't you put forth a jobs bill, arn't you our leader and President.. All I read on here is the bashing of Republicons, Tim, JHB and just the bigotry of the rest of the R party.. Take accountability for ones action should be everyones mantra.. NOT BLAMING...As far as the gramer and spelling that you want to correct, just another example of the narrow minded nit picking individual..

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Open Forum, Aug. 8-14

Manthou- per your comment this morning at 7:31

I don't think the voters are so ill informed as they are Brainwashed from there parties leaders and our media... I see it all the time on here where people quote from this source and that source, with most of there information coming from what people consider a very "left" leaning media outlet. With that said they tehn beleive what is spoon fed them to be true and not much will change there minds... It's very evident on this forum...

I just saw this video and I think it pretty much sums up what is going on in washington and with our president


People with 401K or people that invest and I mean not day trading where they buy a stock one day and sell it another day hopefully with a profit.. Those folks don't sleep well at night.. If your investing there is always some risk involved. But evryone who is saving and investing needs a plan.. If your able to invest then that money is whats leftover after you pay your bills, its called discretionary.. So that being said I have a professional money person that manages my account.. So if your one that is freaking out about the market right now I would get out because you shouldn't be in it.. JMHO as said from the guy that manages my account. BTW my account, it's up this year in double digits so far this year.. Investing is a long term deal...

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Open Forum, Aug. 8-14

I can see why you mighr lump perry in the free fall because he is a politician, but I'm not in agreement.. Thats OK .. Every polictician is hated or not liked by at least 50% of the people...Especially in todays climate... I don't really care about ones religous beliefs as long as they don't try to shove them donw my throat.. I'm open minded..

Alleycat- I like the last part of your diatribe on our president.. Managament by results.. Thats the way it's done in our capital society but not in our government.. Thats where we don't care how much the toilet seat cost's because it's usually used for someFat A$$ to sit on and pontificate there virtues of their stateliness.. I say go get them a Porta Poty and see how they like it then....

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Open Forum, Aug. 8-14


my thinking was that finally we will see some real action taking place.. you know when your back is up against the wall, Americans have always found a way to get ur done... I watched the Prez's speach this morning, same ol rhetoric bla , bla bla, eceryone else's fault, never did he take full responsibility.. Not that is was his "full" fault but to say hey we need to change the way were doing things and this is what I'm proposing.. Nope just the same ol stuff..

A little take away.. we have "some" very hard working citizens, Were still AAA in the minds of the rest of the world and "we've excepted all this reform with Grace".. He never mentioned once that he or his own party or even the repulicans were working on anything to get our country moving... What a joke our polictical leaders have become.. No one out there with the "Ba$$$lls to speak up and become a leader. No wonder we are where we are...

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Open Forum, Aug. 1-7

Nail it?

Boys, boys, boys... would you hit me a beautiful lady like me too??
By your comment it would look like you were the agressor Liberal, thinking the worst, not hoping for the best in your fellow man.. He just said if you came at him , he might lay you down quietly...

BTW, Your screen name screems many things, but thats not what I think of at first thought, see thats not how I'm wired.. Some of us right side thinkers have calm demeanors...Lets see what happens tomorrow when the market rallies...

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Open Forum, Aug. 1-7

Speaking of Entitlements,
One should read Micheal Hudsons "Under Cover Of Crisis" Obamas ambush on Entitlements... Here is his link.. Lots of interesting reading while your sitting in the backyard this evening with temps hovering around 80-85..


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