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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

GO- Please refer to Hawkeye's last post regarding G. Beck, but at least a broken clock has the potential or ability to be fixed.

Now I am off to my Republican - GOP Writing and Speech Class. Today we will cover how to debate a person that is using facts and truth. Last week was "The Columbian Newspaper Facebook Commenting" where we learned the following vocabulary words:

HUSSEIN (again)
and don't forget "HUSSEIN"

Viva Facebook!

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

"Like I said, the Facebook transition hasn't been completely smooth. That is one of the challenges."
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MATT WASTRADOWSKI, I read your last post, and I can't believe my eyes. How dare you say the Facebook transition is not completely smooth. I beg to differ, I think it is going swimmingly. Since I am a former basketball player, and your bio states that you are a basketball fan (Blazers), let us define the Facebook transition in our own language. Facebook is your 1984 NBA draft or your "The Decision". Yes, of course the Portland Trailblazers could have selected Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Sam Perkins, or John Stockton over Sam Bowie, but they had a need! They needed a big-man, and they stuck to their guns. Even years after, Portland management said (with a straight face) that Bowie was the right pick...if he didn't have injury problems. In the face of blinding evidence, they stuck to the party line...AND SO SHOULD YOU! The Facebook decision is awesome! And speaking about "Decisions", take pride in the fact that Lou, Libby, and you, Matt, lets just call you guys the "Columbian Big 3", have stood strong in a storm of criticism regarding your "Decision". Just like Lebron, Wade, and Bosh who waved their "Decision" as a great move in the face of all critics, even though the rest of the world calls it collusion, just stand firm with the following: "It is a long term goal", "I think Facebook has been a breath of fresh air, and brought some civility to the comments", "after a month, I think the Facebook transition is ahead of schedule". Stay strong Matt, and brace for the storm of haters. Don't you worry, when everyone is saying that it was a bad decision, that is when it is most important to only listen to the people that agree with you. God speed, my prayers are with "The Columbian Big Three".

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

Dear Columbian staff, would you please ask Lou to write another article about how awesome the Facebook transition is working out. Please ask Lou to cover the following talking points: 1. The FB transition is working out great, 2. Most everyone loves it, 3. Lou has received numerous e-mails about how the comments are finally readable (please include such descriptive terms as; "Breath of fresh air", "finally some civility" know the good stuff), 4. Regarding how people are stopping him ("chat him up") at grocery stores, coffee shops, shoe shine stands, throwing themselves in front of his car to tell him how their lives have changed due to the Facebook transition. Although the rest of the staff sings the praise of the FB, I would just love to see a good old fashion "ITS GOING GREAT" article. Thank you, Your Biggest Fan Seamus.

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An Open Forum for Political Discussion

I agree with Allen.

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

More [evidence][1] of the detriments caused by using Facebook.


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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

Padma, the real reason for Facebook is because a large portion of the worlds population has gone completely insane. You see if you have a Facebook account...well its a little like being famous. I personally think the Columbian, and especially "The Lou", are borderline genius with the Facebook approach. I recently visited Lou's Fan Page, and I was astonished to find he has 38 fans. If only I could have 38 fans, I mean that is the true measure of ones worth. Instead, as you know I stager (yes, I mean "stager" not "stagger") through life with work, a wonderful marriage, beautiful children, basketball practices, fixing dinners with my family and laughing about the Columbian (in a hero worship and envy kind of way Matt, Libby, the Lou, et al)...but sometimes I too am curious of the Facebook. Am I missing out? BUT 38 FANS! Perhaps, I too will lose myself in endless friend requests of people I have not spoke to in 20 years, or friends and family that I simply pick-up the phone and talk to rather than documenting conversations to be saved on a Facebook server. AM I MIIIIIIIIISSING OUUUUUUUUT????

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

"Yesterday, the US Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional to prevent minors from purchasing video games with violent content.


GO- I can answer the "why", because the United States SC actually gets it right occasionally and supports constitutional rights. At least I hope so! My wife and I do not allow our children access to those items, know...choice, freedom, those type of things.

Oh, and good morning.

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

I can't believe people are bashing Bachmann. Personally, I think she is the most refreshing candidate for President. Bachmann has opened this Conservatar...Conservative's eyes! For example, when my daughter was younger, I allowed her to watch the Lion King Disney movie. Well, thanks to Bachmann, who warned that the Lion King was "Gay Propaganda", I now understand why my daughter is so good at basketball. Further, I am no longer afraid of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, because Bachmann informed me that "not one study can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas". This summer I will visiting Iraq again, because Bachmann stated that Iraq was "like visiting any mall of America" (of course I remember it was damn scary, but that is because I was a Liberal back then...I think?). People need to give her a chance, stop comparing her statements to things like the truth...I mean Liberal lies, and just listen to the informative reporting of Bachmann on FoxNews.

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Open Forum, June 20-26

I just received an e-mail that confirms Obama was born on planet Vulcan and not on Earth.

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Open Forum, June 20-26

LIBBY, may I please ask a question? Why is the Columbian website still allowing people to post on the comments with a Facebook account that does NOT have their real name? For example, the following Facebook account: "Irish Nativeson". Is this because they are friends of the Columbian? I ask that because the Irish Nativeson Facebook page has links/likes of several Columbian reporters and websites.

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