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Open Forum, June 20-26

I love the Columbian's slogan: Community Begins Here....(unless you do not have a Facebook page...that WE approve of, and unless you disagree with our staff too much).

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Open Forum, June 20-26

Golden - By the way, it is good to see you back commenting...even if it is in the basement with the rest of us.

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Open Forum, June 20-26

Has anyone read the Facebook comments (on the other side) for the following article:

Vancouver calls off talk of ban on pit bulls ---- June 20th, 2011 @ 1731

I can't believe that the comments from Donn Dilla from BC- Canada have been allowed to stay. I can see that the FB format has really raised the bar.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

I guess Libby forgot to answer Roger & dfsaddh's last question regarding the conduct on the "other side". I was a bit curious too.

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Commonguy...I have a feeling that the majority of Conservative could have witnessed his birth, and they would still question his authenticity.

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Open Forum, June 7-12

Allen, personally I think the most amazing aspect to the Facebook / Participant relationship is that once you post your "personal" content to the website they own it! Even if you delete your photos and information, Facebook has still saved it to their server. I watched a entertaining video on the Onion website about Facebook working for the CIA. Now I realize the Onion is an entertainment website full of satire, but it is interesting how art (if it can be called that) imitates life. Privacy and rights are crumbling at an alarming rate in America, and it concerns me that any institution, with journalism at its base, would assist that decomposition. What is next, will we no longer go to the polls and vote in private, why not just make a public vote through Facebook. After all it is not a real vote (or opinion) unless everyone knows who cast it.

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Open Forum, June 7-12

I suggest you talk about the new facial recognition software that Facebook to getting ready to launch.

I am not the ultra paranoid type, but Facebook is looking more and more like the "1984" experience.
On another item Lou, why do you guys keep deleting my comments on the other side. I opened a Facebook page, and I have been appropriate. Is it because I will not post my picture on the account?...I wonder why I would not do that????? (Refer to above link to article regarding FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE!).

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Lou, you would make an excellent politician.

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"Respect Privacy" - You better change to the old format...Facebook is the opposite of privacy.

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