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Lou, you are hilarious...please keep it coming. This is the only thing that keeps me coming back. I need to go to a meeting right now, but I will be back in about 2 hours. Please have a new "respectful" zinger when I return. Thanks Lou!

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Goldenoldie...say its not true that you are leaving the Columbian website just because you do not want to be judged by people that do not understand your posts on Facebook! I looked so forward to finding out your real name, place of employment, all of your friends and family, likes or dislikes, favorite TV shows, favorite music, IP address, where you attended school, photos.....well you understand. I may not have agreed with all of your prior comments, but I certainly agree with you on this one. I love the woeful ignorance by the Columbian staff, I have even seen an e-mail from the CS asking how this new Facebook format has silenced rational thought. I didn't bother with a response to explain that those who work for the Government, State, City, or with the public do not want our opinions, even the nice and respectful ones, posted without an anonymous format. Could you imagine a co-worker, boss, supervisor, or insane extremist taking issue with a comment that is too left or right? Well, what are you going to do...the best I could do is cancel my Columbian delivery, complain a little on the website, then slowly lose interest. Take care!

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I created a Facebook account, and I have been reading the posts. Thus far, the new Facebook format has created an interesting dynamic. The most rude, inappropriate, and lowbrow comments I have read have come from several individuals that were complaining about the prior format of commenting. In fact, I find it interesting that several of these individuals, that obviously have hate in their heart, also self-promote as Christian valued. I find this offensive, but I try not to judge. Although almost all of my previous posts on the Columbian are full of satire, that does not reflect a lack of serious opinion. Rather, I find it ridiculous to have an argument with someone on a comment board. I believe that most rational and critically thinking individuals will choose to not engage in the new format, and the majority that choose to participate will be the extreme who have developed their identity steeped in their prejudice. That reminds me of a quote by William Yeats; "All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions". I have been entertained by the prior comments, and I have enjoyed reading the developing personalities in an anonymous format. The anonymous comments have allowed honesty, and unfortunately the ability to be inappropriate and hurtful at times. Although honestly, if an anonymous comment on a website is that powerful in your life, then perhaps you should not be participating. In conclusion, thank you Columbian for the prior entertainment. - Seamus

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Weather could drive marijuana growers to lower elevations

When I was in middle school, we watched a very accurate and informative movie called "Reefer Madness". Reefer Madness educated me on the ills of marijuana, and the smoking of the devil weed causes you to become an Axe Murderer. I know this because when I was in college I took a walk around the campus. I accidentally strayed from the Conservative area of campus and found myself in the LIBERAL side. Once I realized my error, I started to run but I was attacked by 30 hippies, and they attempted to "hot box" me with marijuana smoke. I managed to fight them all and free myself, but not before I ACCIDENTALLY inhaled some of the marijuana smoke. I spent the remainder of the night maniacally laughing and chopping wood at the end of a green belt. Thank God I survived my awful experience with hippies, the LEFT, and marijuana smoke!!!!

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Sheriff’s deputy hits another car while chasing a speeding motorcyclist

dieselatte...It was not a ten-word paragraph that details his "superiority issues", it was 14 letters: SHERIFF'S DEPUTY. Glad I could help.

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The Columbian Asks: What would you say to the SEALs?

Americans really do hate each other.

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Obama visits Ground Zero, honors 9/11 victims

These comments, wow! Reminds me of a famous quote:

"Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies" - Nietzsche

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Herrera Beutler joins House energy team

I wish the Columbian would cover all of the "jobs" that Jaime has created.

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Family of teen injured by falling tree wins damages

Cheese and Rice Padma.......!

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Four teens involved in Salmon Creek rollover wreck


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