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I would like to ask all of you to use some critical thinking skills whe it comes to this article.
1. Many blood pressure medications including the one I take costs 3.00 dollars per month. She states her blood pressure medication is hard to afford. Can she find a cheaper medicine?
2. Her husband is without a job because the real estate market is down and he is a handyman. He can work at Walmart for the same amount he gets for his handyman job and get health insurance.nwould this be possible?
3.She states she works hard but then states she can only work part time due to watching her sister with Downs Syndrome. I know there are many local and federal programs for day care programs for the handicap in our communities. Could she possibly look into these programs enabling her o work full time or could her husband watch her sister? He is unemployed.
Finally, just so you know I am not voting for MItt. I just would like to see these articles written better and the reporters asking the tough questions and finding the real stories behind the story.

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