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1A Trico League all-league girls soccer team

Morgan Atchley was the offensive MVP of this league! I'm not sure what the coaches were watching but they blew this one. I guess they were paying closer attention to the defense, at least they got that pick (Coulimore) right.

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1A Trico League all-league football team

Congratulations to Dylan "Dillybar" Young!! Well done and very desrving!!

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Back to the 1A Trico girls soccer all league selections, it seems the Daily News can't print the correct information. Morgan Atchley did make 1st team all league so I apologize to the coaches a little bit but stand by believing she was the offensive MVP of this league and for that they still have sandy eyes!!

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1A Trico Girls Soccer All League Selections.I don't think it's been in the Columbian but it was in the Daily News. I'll just say that some of the 1A girls soccer coaches must have those heads buried in in the sand. To not have voted Morgan Atchley of Ridgefield to the 1st team is absurd. I believe she was the league leader in goals (missed 2 games with ankle injury). The goals (25) she scored was done in some limited ofensive time due to the fact that at times she was pulled out of a game or put on defense when games we're well in hand (kudos to the coach for that)to keep from padding stats or running up scores! She was a 1st team selection the last 2 years in 2A...Hmm.. guess 1A is a tougher division?? I would go as far as to say not only should she have been 1st team but offensive MVP. Scored 2 goals against La Center the 1st game (spuds won), made her pk the 2nd to help win that game. Game winning goal at Toledo,etc. etc. oh and at least help lead her team to the state tournament. Bottom line, some of these 1A coaches must still be cleaning the sand from those eyes!!

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