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Commissioners balk at baseball contract

The Luke Jensen Sports Park, under construction in Hazel Dell, does not have plans for a stadium the size of what the Bears need. Besides, voters approved that sports park for youth sports, not for a professional team.

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Commissioners balk at baseball contract

Thanks, Striker911. Karma, the county is involved because the owners of the Bears want the county to enact a countywide admissions tax and use the revenues to pay off 70 percent of capital construction costs. Permits would still be issued by the city.

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White Mayors Can't Jump

Mayor Leavitt,

Thank you for the additional background. I know Commissioner Sabonis was joking when he said you cheated; this whole blog was meant to be a fun way to write about the fact $20,000 was raised for a good cause. I'm sure you can appreciate that.

Maybe my memory isn't serving me well. I remember the Fitzwilson brothers, Brian Hunter and Matt Oliva as stars for the FVHS Trappers. Maybe you were a leading scorer and I've just blocked it out after all these years!

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


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White Mayors Can't Jump

Mayor Leavitt, I edited the blog to say you outjumped Al Angelo III. I apologize for the error. I'd heard you'd lost the tip-off and I readily believed it.

I noticed you did not challenge the assertion by Commissioner "Sabonis" that you cheated, so I'll let that stand.


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Yakima makes effort to keep baseball team

Go to this [blog post][1] for the county's full report


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Public to hear details of baseball proposal Friday

E Terrific: Here's what the fact sheet has to say about beer: "Beer will be sold at their baseball games, but the College already allows the sale of alcohol for specific events on campus. Sale of alcohol will comply with all local and state ordinances."

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Judge Bennett to retire from Superior Court

S_123: The state Judicial Conduct Commission receives a lot of complaints about judges. And they investigate the complaints. When they deem the complaint to be credible they let the public know. Whenever a Clark County judge has been disciplined by the JCC (including the Judge Wulle incident) The Columbian has reported it.

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Tapani will build St. Johns overpass

Goldenoldie: Rotschy has nothing to do with the Highway 500 project. The reason I mentioned Rotschy in the story is that Rotschy ended up with the $11 million Salmon Creek project that Tapani had the lowest bid on, but was disqualified because of the missing signature page in their bid packet. Hope this helps.

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But who's the daddy?

And Lew, I was here Monday. I was also here 10 years ago when officials were talking about replacing the bridge. So many men have been involved in this project that I know I'm not qualified to assign paternity ...

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