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Theories fly in acid-burning case; interview set with Oprah

Time will tell. Be patient people. I think someday soon columbiancensures will be able to say 'told ya so'.

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Prosecutors planning to charge man in open-carry handgun case

He was testing the system. Bad idea. If he had been pushing a shopping cart in Albertson's and just went about his day shopping and performing daily duties there would have been no problem. But he was just loitering around waiting to scare someone into calling the police. Dumb ass.

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Man found at Clark County wastewater plant died of heart attack

There are many sad news stories everyday. It will not be an easy time for his loved ones. Never easy when someone passes on unexpectedly. but....these news comment sections are not intended for normal people. I read these comments for entertainment...cause i'm different....doh!
Anyone with half a brain would ignore all of the drivel written here and stop at the end of the news article before the comment section.

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Man found at Clark County wastewater plant died of heart attack

Wow...I now recall why I don't have this newspaper delivered to my home. This story is just a waste of ink and internet bandwidth. I may have to delete my bookmark to this web page too.
OK..i'm just kidding...i will be back cause its so entertaining.

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Police log: Dog killed by two pit bulls

It's the cats fault. Blame the cats. Dang cats. ATTENTION CAT OWNERS! Please be responsible cat owners and keep your cats under control. Cats should never be allowed to roam neighborhoods. Next time one walks all over my clean car I'm gonna feed it to the neighbors pit bull.
Sorry to hear about the canine death.

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Man who allegedly pulled gun at mall will be arrested, police say

'He allegedly struck Berry with his cane and then took out a gun when a struggle ensued.'

Why didn't he just call mall security or the police to report the motorcycle that might have been parked illegally? That is how a smart person would have handled the situation.

Just striking a person with his cane was assault. The disabled man was an idiot and is very lucky he survived the incident. Dumb ***.

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Man hurt in crash into utility pole

Who here really cares? Do you think these news comments are some sort of serious discussion? All I ever get out of these comments are laughs. Some people are funny. Some people are rude. Some people are very insensitive. And then there are some who actually contribute intelligent comments. Sure makes for a fun read though. Enjoy.

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Collinses sentenced in beating of skier

Rotten scumbags

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Skier details attack in court

Mean people suck. Rot in hell Collins.

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Vancouver-Clark parks may snuff out smoking

uh...uh....shoot them in the back!

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