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Sure, I would speak to you. I wouldn't want my name, etc, released though in any publication.

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Sure, I would speak to you. I wouldn't want my name, etc, released though in any publication.

If you're interested, emailing me at is the best way to reach me.

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Regarding the Storro case... it would be nice to hear the perspective of other self injurers.

However, self injurers are usually very secretive about this behavior and the vast majority won't even admit to it, much less broadcast it to a nation.

I have struggled with self injury for years.. and I say this woman is a liar and a fraud. There's so many discrepancies in what she did and how she did it. It's just all wrong from a self-harming perspective.

I wonder if other self-injurers would agree and call this woman a fake as I certainly do.

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Bethany Storro: A case for pity or punishment?

I am a real cutter/self-harmer... unlike Storro. I have struggled with it for many years.

I am disgusted by Storro's behavior. She should be prosecuted fully. She is just a liar using self-injury as a guise. She was money hungry and wanted pity in the public eye. She had her few moments of fame.. and that was her purpose. Sure, she's got mental problems.. but not self-injury.

Self-injurers are NOT obvious about it.. it's very secretive. We don't want pictures of our wounds on every news station! We rarely ever even admit to it! We don't go talk about it on Oprah! We don't broadcast it like that!

Self injurers aren't trying to kill themselves and we don't inflict wounds to get a "new face". Storro is clinging to this as a defense strategy... her behavior and wording clearly shows that she is a fraud. Ask any self injurer... you surely know a few but you likely don't know who they are.

I only hope that the media and public differentiate between the very real problem of true self injury from this blatant attempt to evade embarrassment and prosecution.

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