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Powerful Squall Line Hits Metro Area Sunday

Thanks wineknight. It was a wild day for sure. I received a few e-mails from folks as far north as Olympia reporting strong winds with the same line of showers.

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The Rain Train Rolls On...

Actually, The snowpack across all of Oregon and Washington is between 100 and 130% of average. Those are great numbers.

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Snow Arrives Across Metro Area

I think some of us will see spotty snow showers today, then look out for VERY COLD overnight lows (for this time of the year) over the next few nights! Burrrrr! Maybe 15-20 degrees in some spots tomorrow and Saturday morning?

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Overnight snowfall leaves roads icy, triggers school closures

Pat and I will "ALWAYS" have Clark County covered! He is the teacher, I am the student! :-) I just updated the weather blog with my latest thoughts. See:

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Bring On The Snow!

6:45am Thursday Update --- I am putting together another blog update and should have it out soon. Standby!

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Bring On The Snow!


Yes they will. But it looks like we will all moderate over the weekend, even the Gorge.

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Arctic Express Looming


Good question. I think you should call those agencies and inquire. Then ask them where they get their forecasts from before making those decisions. Hint --- not me! :-)

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Arctic Express Looming

wineknight: Looks like Trout Lake will be very cold for the coming 7+ days with plenty of snow. I have a friend who has a cabin in Trout Lake. I will have to tell you about he and his wife sometime. They are really nice people. They live in Vancouver during the week and spend their weekends up there. They tell me all the time about the nice folks who live up there. They send me pictures all the time of the snow up there.

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Arctic Express Looming

usernames: This is NOT the kind of pattern where we will see strong east winds. This is a really cold trough that will come down from the north with plenty of moisture rather than a cold dry air mass from the east. That is the basics of it.

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