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Arctic Express Looming

Phil, 2007/2008 was a pretty strong La Nina where the snow would not let up for locations about 1,000ft until late April. A friend of mine who lives in Portland's West Hills said that he had 34 days with snow on the ground that winter. Yet down here in the lowlands we just missed out on the snow all winter long. April of 2008 also set the all-time latest ever snowfall in Corvallis, Oregon.

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Arctic Express Looming

Get your yard work done today or tomorrow for sure!

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Mild temps., rain likely during President's Day weekend

Hey all: Models are all over the maps for the idea of a full on arctic blast next week. I plan to update the weather blog again soon, so keep checking back:

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A Quick Saturday "Tease"

thofmann and wineknight:

Both of your comments are soooooooo true! Murphy's Law! :-)

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A Quick Saturday "Tease"


Looks like all the elements may just come together at the right time (cold enough air and plenty of moisture) on Sunday to bring us the most snow of the season so far. But let's get a little better grip on it first before going to that extememe. However, the models are sure looking good so far. Fingers crossed!

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Old Man Winter Returns

Wineknight, I have received a few reports of low elevation light snow this evening (Tuesday night) but mostly above 1,000ft. Such is the case with your report. That will likely be changing over the next 24-48 hours and could be coming down even lower. I am planning a more comprehensive post tomorrow (Wednesday) morning that will take us all the way through the weekend. So stay tuned for that!

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Old Man Winter Returns

How about those 12z model runs today! WOW! Things are going to get exciting around here if those come true. GEM, Euro and GFS all coming into agreement now for cold and very low snow levels this coming week. Then it could get really interesting next weekend and the following week no matter what your elevation.

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Old Man Winter Returns

Wrath: that is very interesting indeed. I will get a closer look at this tomorrow.

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Old Man Winter Returns

Here is a 4pm PT "wind video" report from Lincoln City. This is the strongest storm since December down here, per locals. Next time I will make sure and shave. :-) Enjoy!

Click: and

Also, I am getting reports from my network of weather folks that the Fred Meyer sign down on Hwy 14 at Columbia House Blvd in Vancouver has been blown over. However, I can not confirm this! Also, a quick glance of peak gusts as of 5pm shows Portland at 44mph, Lincoln City at 67mph and Garibaldi at 65mph. Batten down the hatches!

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Old Man Winter Returns

Louielouie, yes, I remember that storm quite well. Portland received its biggest single day snowfall on record for the month of February with that storm. The period of record is 1940-2010 at the airport. I believe it was 6" at PDX that day (Feb 19th 1993). As for what websites I prefer fort weather, well, first I prefer this blog first. :-) Then I would have to say the Portland office of the National Weather Service would be my next pick. You can Google them and get their URL.

Forecast update --- this morning's models continue to show a very cold week is on the way beginning Tuesday and lasting into the President's Day holiday weekend, with very low snow levels for this time of the year. Stay tuned for more updates!

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