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2 bodies found in submerged car at Oregon coast

wow i was just in seaside over the weekend.

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Hazel Dell couple buy property to halt subdivision from being built

its the only way because ultimately the owner can do whatever he please with his property. at the end of the day no amount of protesting does anything.

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Bethany Storro Exclusive Interview: ‘I struggled with negativity’

wow, its the first time i have ever seen her mom not beaming from ear to ear. like she had just won the lottery or something.

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Sheriff's office K-9 Kane killed in the line of duty

police dog or not, the fact is this guy stabbed it to death. now i know dogs arent people but if he is willing to stab a dog to death than whats to stop him from stabbing a human? i think that question needs to be considered during this persons trial.

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Man’s mental state at issue in guardianship case

oh yes, and another thing. In regards to these "thirty cats" that had to be put down. Seems to me that would have made news around here at some point. Do we have some solid info on that?

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Man’s mental state at issue in guardianship case

very interesting story, it raises a number of questions in regards to individual freedom. I do however share the opinion of a couple of other posts in that information on the mans state of mind and general disposition is kind of hazy. Is he. or is he not schizzo? I hear that kind of thing manifests itself in their 20s. You can't just go around saying he's schizophrenic without anything to back it up.

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Teenage Jack in the Box workers find themselves jobless

man, alot of these people on here are clearly out of touch with reality. not all kids have the option of staying home and living life. when i was 15 my parents clearly told me i had to get a job or move out. right or wrong that was my experience. i went to school full time and worked graveyard 35-40 hours a week. it sounds unbelievable but thats how it went. the manager at taco bell had no problem getting around the "rules" that were supposedly there to protect me and other teenagers from being exploited.

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More theater options in Clark County coming soon

yay kiggins!

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Snowbound Vancouver couple share tale

something about this story doesnt add up.

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Hungry children predicted to get hungrier

Poor choice in photo for this story. Your doing a story about children who are hungry and they have a heavyset gentleman who looks like he hasn't missed very many meals sitting with them. The contrast is almost comical.

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