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Jim Armstrong: here is some advice when writing a letter to the editor: 1) be coherent. While The Columbian might print just about anybody’s letter, we would like to know what in the world you are talking about. 2) Stop telling lies. Really, it’s a bad habit to get into. 3) Move to Portland, please. If you hate it here so much and love it there so much, move. Please.

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Using fear and deception, Patty Muttay works to further the political interests of the minority. Sad. Pathetic.

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Oh please! Graduation requirements are more difficult today? I-don't-think-so! HS is NOT that hard people. It’s really not a major accomplishment to graduate, but it is something a reasonably competent person can and should do. And if you can't read at a minimum level, you shouldn't graduate!

I can understand new immigrants to this country getting all excited that their child graduates, and I suppose some minorities that get wild with excitement when their kid graduates. But really - high school is a step in the right direction, that's all. Call me when they get their (NOT AA!) bachelors degree.

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