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Russell: Vote Rivers in 18th

Hey Nailingit, I have wonderful news for you. Its the 21st century and progressivism has run its wicked course. Your political beliefs are irrelevant now because they have brought nothing but financial ruin and social decay.

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Creating distance from a problem

Kelly Hinton says I am someone else and Kelly using his aliases agrees with himself and we are to believe him? He has no credibility. I have been leaving comments on blogs for many years. While I am a supporter of Russell, I am my own person. Nice try Kelly, I doubt Russell has time to comment on blogs in the middle of a campaign. You are very obsessed with Russell. I guess thats not surprising coming from a former campaign staffer of Richard Curtis.

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I-5 bridge panel endorses 10-lane span

Why doesn't the Columbian name names. Who voted? The secrecy continues.

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In Our View: Cheers & Jeers

LB is all about situational ethics.

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Mystery surrounds suspension of GOP Senate aide Hinton

This Kelly Hinton Guy is a dirtbag. So is anyone associated with him.

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Creating distance from a problem

Lou, You dont know Ann. Naive is the last thing I would describe her as Lou. Seeing that there are no more parades in the 18th district before the primary election this whole article is just a bunch of nothingness.

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In Our View: Cheers & Jeers

The same Columbian that grandstands in favor of gay marriage and assisted suicide calls for Washougal to pipe down on immigration? LOL. Give me abreak.

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Endorsements in the 18th

Lew the cooridor probably cost the same amount as your viagra each month.

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18th District candidates take ‘right’ approach

Oh and I will repreat again. Ned Dryerson is Ann Rivers campaign manager Kelly Hinton. You can't hide the fat nasty behind any fake name.

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18th District candidates take ‘right’ approach

For Ann Rivers being the supposed front runner, its funny how all you losers are taking on Russell. She may have the special interest/democrat money but she has no support at home.

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