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Letter: Single-payer plan can control crisis

Most businesses are sole proprietors. They don't file for chapter 11 business bankruptcy. They file as a personal bankruptcy. A simple 2 second Google search would have told you that...

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Letter: Tax everyone who shops here

Jacjak...I agree with that idea totally. Don't ask and if they don't tell then tax is collected. Seems more than fair. If you want the deal, you have to ask for it.

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Letter: Tax everyone who shops here

Lloyd, You need to work on your comprehension skills.

If you had read the comments on the earlier article, you would have seen my comment where I mentioned that when I went in to get my Washington license, the DOL looked at my Oregon license, issued me my Washington license and then gave my Oregon license back to me.

It isn't as if I asked for it back. They just punched a hole in the bar code and gave it back. I shredded it. Seems others don't.

Government officials are the reason some people still have their Oregon might condemn them a bit....

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City may veto size of light rail voting pool

'I'm okay if he limits the voting area to exclude me but then I'd also expect him to exclude me from having to help pay for the project.'

Bwaahaahaahaahaahaahaaa! that's going to happen....

Thanks for the laugh Phil. I needed that.

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City may veto size of light rail voting pool

Unfortunately a vote is useless. The dirtbag politicians of Clark County have learned from their scumbag cousins in Orygun that no matter what the people say, the politicians know better and will shove it down our throats anyway.

Don't get me wrong, there should be a vote and it should be a resounding NO...but they just don't care what we think.

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Letter: Rail transit works

"Given your wild and whacky post--seems light-rail is a great tool for the authorities to ID suspects."

Sure..but to do that there needs to be some authority types on the train besides the operator. The operator never comes out of the cab except to use the little operators only room at a few of the stops.

So the thugs run wild on the trains doing whatever they please.

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Letter: Repeal sales tax exemption

A couple of comments...I agree with tdsix. I, too, just moved over here. I telecommute so no more Oregon income tax. For what that saves me, I am happy to shop here as the amounts I pay on sales tax will take a long time to equal the Oregon tax that went back in my pocket.

Now, I got my Washington drivers license in the required 30 days. When I did, DOL punched a hole through the barcode on my Oregon license and gave it back to me? Why? That encourages abuse of the exemption. (my Oregon license came home with me and went thru my shredder).

Second, I have a motorcycle I paid off last October. I have been fighting with HSBC ever since to get my title. I can't register my bike here until I get that. I did register my car. But was stuck on the bike with Oregon plates until the title issue was cleared up. After finally threatening the right person at HSBC, they managed to find my title. So the bike is now registered here properly. But that was a situation where it was somewhat out of my control.

So be a little easier on the judgement. Not all of us transplants are out to screw the state.

Oh yeah, and NEVER do business with HSBC. To say they suck is an understatement.

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Letter: Rail transit works

Yes, light rail works....if you are one of the lovely gangbangers who are allowed to ride on it unimpeded by fare inspectors (because they all got laid off so there was 'more' money to fund said rail). They use this rail to ride to other parts of the metro area and rob and steal from the good people who voted NO on expanding the light rail to their community.

Of course, none of the politicians who heard that NO and built it any way live any where near where the trains drop the criminals off.

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Letter: Light rail is a social experiment

"“Light rail and tolling creates incentives for people to get out of cars,” Kitzhaber said."

Actually, I think they create incentives to throw the politicians who vote for such things out of office....

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Letter: City should be cutting bureaucracy

SO $90k a year to tweet and post on facebook all day?

nice gig if you can get hired for it.

A complete waste of taxpayers money, but nice for whomever gets hired......

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