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Your comments assume that my what my assinine neighbors have said is true.

The truth of the matter is...there is only one person in the neighborhood making a complaint, and that is only because I told them if they did not corral their son and his behavior of harrassing my daughter to the point that she was scared to go home alone....I would have no choice but to take legal action to keep my child safe. Nothing more, nothing less...than that.

I can only think that if an entire neighborhood of people were "out to get me" then I might have had an inkling of it before now. And if things are really that bad in my neighborhood...then why do other neighbors still allow their children to not only play with mine, but play with them IN MY OWN YARD.

I dont think your looking at this from a fair angle, is all I am saying.

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artimus...I appreciate your thoughts, and defense of me. Maybe someday, if the need arises, I can offer you the same support on your own causes. This has been hell on my family, and I cannot wait for it to be done with. Thank you.

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Just to let you know how closely your posts have been monitored:

"" so they built him a dog house. This same neighbors tires were slashed when ""
October 21, 2010 at 8:33 p.m.

"" slashed the tires of a single mom who had nothing to do ""
October 21, 2010 at 9:13 p.m.

The people who brought Beau the dog house told me that they had it sitting around, and it was an extra that they didnt need. That is a Husband and Wife team in that household...NOT A SINGLE MOM. So it is just as I are a lying, obnoxious fool. I just wanted to point this out to you, as my attorney pointed it out to me. He is really excited about it, in fact. ;o) Have a great day...Taloff.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

1. NO ONE...not one person...has EVER come to my door "begging" me to let Beau in from "the cold rain". Beau comes inside every single night. I only have TWO babysitters. One of them is my sister-in-law, and the other works with me. NEITHER of these girls is afraid of my Beau. Whoever you obviously dont know much considering the amount of time you claim to have been stalking my family, myself, and my dog. The day Beau was taken to the was in September, I have the paperwork, and it was in the afternoon around 2pm.

Whatever your TRUE problem is "therealtruth" is ridiculously apparent to us all that you are a sad, bored individual with entirely too much time on your hands. I am sorry that you never took the time to actually come speak to me, and instead you insist on lying to the world, and creating issues for people you dont even know.

As for action is underway. I will not post here anymore, and I encourage any of my supporters to do the same. I have all I need in the proof of this page that this person has been stalking me, admittedly trespassing on my property, and harrassing me from the safety of behind closed doors and non-profits who dont research their information sources before making calls to those who have been "turned in". I appreciate the chance to have gotten in the word from my side, and for the support I have gotten from so many already. Thank you.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law


I appreciate your defense of the breed, although you dont know me any more than any of these other people do. When you lived here it was the same...I did not speak to you more than a couple of times, and even then it was brief pleasantries in the more.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

One more thing? And to be honest, this is just pure annoyance, on this particular matter. I have spelled my dogs name repeatedly, and did NOT ONE of these "neighbors" who have seen him treated "so horribly" for all this time, and "care about his welfare so whole-heartedly" realize they have been spelling it wrong? His name is Beaureguard Mason. Shortening is Beau. If you want to continue causing havoc in my life, and for my family you could at least spell it correctly in the meantime, thanks.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law more factoid? The request to the BG City Council asked for a change in the laws of the adapt the laws to match those of the county, instead. Guess what "neighborly crusading heros"? I am in compliance with those laws as well, so your "mission" is moot, at best. I am an educated, reasonable individual. I volunteer at my childrens schools, at the Little League, and participate in football, and soccer with my kids. ALL of my children are Honor Roll students, with proper manners. I am a contributing member of society, I work full time to provide for my family, and am one of very few single mothers in this country who refuse to use state services of any kind. Am I really the best "cause" you all could have chosen to be "activists" on?? I think there are much bigger, and worthier issues you could have been a part of...I have broken no laws, and I have never bothered any of you...your participating in a senseless crusade. Shame on you all for targetting someone like me.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

I can honestly say that I am in complete awe and shock for all of this. I have only ever met three of the other households in my neighborhood, and only two of those have I ever really spoken to on more than a single occasion. Maybe I am not a "perfect community member" in that I do not make best buddies with my neighbors, but this is pure and simple just craziness for them to be banding together, and persecuting me without anyone even coming to speak to me directly about a concern they might have had. Wow. Drama craving, backhandedness. I dont see the connection to Storro in any way, either, but I thank you for your kind words just the same.

If any of these people had a concern they could have approached me at any time. Anita Gayhart? She doesnt even live in MY neighborhood. She is 3 blocks away, across a main throughfare, and into another subdivision, altogether. And therealtruth called me "defensive, aggressive, and unpleasant"? Since I have never had more than a 5 minute encounter with anyone anywhere near me in this neighborhood, how can they possibly say that? Basic pleasantries is ALL I have ever exchanged with anyone here...except for the time a son of one neighbor made horrid accusations to other students at my daughters school about the fact that Beau IS outside during the daytime when we are at work/school. On that single occasion I went calmy next door and asked his Mother to please correct his behavior. I did not yell, I did not accuse, and I was certainly not aggressive or defensive...I had no reason to be. At that time, I had thought we were on "good terms" as neighbors. I thought we were adults, and could have a discussion and solve a problem without this kind of ridiculous scenario. My daughter had been taken to tears, and was scared to come home after school by herself because of this boy. She spent weeks riding the bus afterschool to a friends house instead of coming home where she could possibly encounter him. And although I am not the only parent who has had issues with this boy, he is not the subject of this story, and is in fact just a child. Apparently his parents have taught him to be this way, and it is no fault of his own.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

My dog is not only crate trained already, he is also perimeter trained. Code enforcement made not one visit to my home, but 3 visits in a matter of 2 months, thanks to these overzealous, apparently bored lunatics I have the displeasure of referring to as my neighbors.

Attorney has already been consulted, thank you. And "Motion Sensory Cameras" have also been acquired already.

I have printed this page, as well as sent out emails asking each of the people who have cared for Beau in my absence to write a statement. Also...the people I had caring for him are not stupid, either. We began a shutterfly page months ago, documenting the feeding, etc. of Beau on the few occasions I am away for a few days...the pics are uploaded immediately from the cell phones, therefore preserving the integrity of the date and time the pic was taken through the site. You cant change the date a photo was uploaded onto the internet...thats a fact. Civil action will follow, but in the meantime I have to keep my dog, and my kids safe.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

Geez. Not only the paperwork to prove that he was taken to the shelter in September...I ran out of work to go get him, in the middle of my shift! My boss, and multiple customers can attest to this FACT!!

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