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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

And just one more thing "THEREALTRUTH". How can you see me in the street, outside our homes, and say "Hey Girl! How you doing?" So damn nicely, when all the while you were apparently plotting against me. If you had an issue, all you had to do was talk to me. THAT shows what kind of person you truly are. Wow.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law


So...whoever you obviously DO NOT KNOW ME, OR MY FAMILY VERY WELL AT ALL. If so many people have so much knowledge of me, my family, and my dog...then why has no one contacted me before now? Yes...a neighbor brought a large doghouse for Beau to me. They said it was a "gift" because they had an extra one from running a volunteer organization. BY THE WAY...HE ALREADY HAD A HOUSE BEFORE THEY BROUGHT IT OVER AS AN OFFER!!

Also...the time Beau was taken to the shelter? It was in September, and I have the paperwork TO PROVE IT!!

I do not ask for sympathy, nor do I ask for anyone to feel sorry for me in any way. Also...since I have only ever met and/or told where Beau came from to two people in this neighborhood, you have just identified yourself to me as someone to name in my anti-harrassment order along with Anita Gayhart.

I have never bothered anyone in this neighborhood before in any way at all. I hope your happy with that Beau is in danger of some crazy breed basher coming to find him for no reason other than he was born. We love our dog. YOU ARE WRONG ON ALL COUNTS.

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I did not want to post on the main page for this...I did buy a "Motion Sensory Camera System", and have a friend who is good with electronics coming to install it for me this weekend. I feel my family is in danger, and will now be leaving Beau in the garage during the day while I am at work so that one of these crazy "Breed Haters" doesnt come here and hurt him. I am terrified for his safety, and that of my children right now.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law


I would like to thank those that are in support of me here, and personally. I appreciate your kind words, and concern very much. Thank you, from my heart and from the hearts of my children, and from Beau.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

For those of you who have a desire to know more about Beau...I will give you some details on his personality, and life. Firsat of all...he is absolutely scared to death of anything that moves. He hides in his house when a bird, or cat comes through his space. He is scared of anything "floaty" as well...helium balloons, feathers, etc. He is also scared of strangers....which is why he looks like he is cowering in the pics the Columbian chose to take, and print without my permission. I am sure he was terrified. Would you like to know what my Beau had for breakfast today? He had grilled chicken breast, rice, and gravy mixed in with some peas, and carrots. Thats one of his favorites. My son stirs it all together for him, and heats it up enough to be warm, but not burn his mouth. For dinner last night? Oh...he had half of a deer roast. Pretty mean, and cruel to my baby, arent I? His birthday is next month, oldest daughter has been researching "Liver Cake Recipes" for 2 weeks now, so she can make his cake something thats healthy for him, as well as a treat.

And other background on Beau? He was bought for me by a cousin I grew up with, and was also very close to. He bought him for me when he came home from Afghanistan, because I had just split up with my husband, and was alone with my children. He thought Beau would be a "great guard dog". And he is! He guards the inside of his house, and the treat bowl very well! And Im certain that he would have no trouble licking someone to death if the need arose...yep. I am sure of it. Am I still close to my cousin? I speak to him in Heaven every day. After coming home from Afghaniston, and buying me the dog, he has passed away. It was sudden, and unexpected, and his loss is felt deeply by myself, and my children. We do have Beau as a beautiful reminder of all that he was to us, however, and I thank God for that.

I know there are those who would "Banish the Breed". I think if more of those people got to know a couple of Pits, they just might change their minds. Thats all I will say on the matter here, because this article wasnt about the breed in the first place.

I know this is long, and probably tiring to read...however, I thank you for taking the time to do so. This was the only way I could tell my side of this story, and I felt it was the right thing to do.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

I do not know if it was Anita Gayhart who did repeatedly open my gate and let my Beau loose, then call in a report of a loose animal to BGPD. But at the third time I was forced to pay close to $200 for his release I had had enough. I had no choice but to cable him while I was at work to make sure he couldnt be let loose and get hurt again.At that point someone actually trespassed onto my property and released his collar from the cable, then drove him into Vancouver to the animal shelter there. Again, I had to pay to get him released, and go pick him up. How do I know for a fact someone did this? He doesnt have hands, and I am quite certain his paws could not have manuevered the linkage to release himself. oldest daughter had been home from school already, and checked on him. He was fine, she played with him, then came into her room to finish her homework. When she went to again check on him 45 minutes layer he was gone. All of 15 minutes after that is when the Vancouver shelter office called me. Whoever dropped him off there at the shelter would not give a name, and said they "found him wandering on HWY503, near Brush Prairie. My dog can be quick, but to get from my home all the way down 503 to Brush Prairie, and then driven to East Vancouver in 45 minutes?? I honestly dont think thats possible.

Ever since this has gotten bad with all the harrassment from various "rescue" organizations I have been actively looking for a new place to live. I feel violated, and that my family is in danger from this woman, and the havoc she has caused towards us.

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Pit bull named Bo may spur change in B.G. law

I am the Momma of Beau....I do not "own" him, he is a part of our family. He is very much loved, and very well cared for. He is only out on the cable when I am not home, and I have to work full time in order to support my children, and my dog. He does come inside at night, and he goes back out in the morning. My children take him for walks, he goes to play at Lucia Falls, BG Lake, and along the river at Daybreak. He loves to swim...but only as long as I go in the water with him.

This woman, Anita Gayhart, has not one single time attempted to ever contact me directly and see what kind of a life Beau actually has. She has never come to my door and introduced herself to me and asked if she could get to know my dog, or myself, in order to get any truth as to what his life is actually like. She has chosen to call and make anonymous complaints to the BGPD (wasting their time, and our tax dollars on bogus callouts). I do not know this woman, have never met her, and have no idea what I could have possibly done to her in order to have her targetting me and my family in this way. All she had to do was to come by and say "Hello" and introduce herself, and she would be able to see how much Beau's kids love him, and care for him.

The Columbian has given you all only ONE side of this story. It is true that I refused to give them permission to use my name. I was very nice to the reporter who contacted me. The truth is, I spoke to the reporter at around 4pm on Monday afternoon (after the close of business, obviuosly), and then this story came out on Thursday morning. At the time I spoke to the reporter I had no idea who had been making the constant and insessant false complaints not only to BGPD, but also to multiple, and varied "Rescue" organizations who have now been hounding me and my children for months with no end. The Columbian did not give me enough time (Two days, all said and done.) to attempt to figure out why this woman was targetting me, or to take proper legal action against her before they published their article.

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