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Open forum, June 29-July 5

Yes we are staying home also. A few years ago our old hot tub cover was caught on fire by a stray bottle rocket. We have stayed home ever since with the hose at the ready.

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Open forum, June 22-28

Thanks for the very entertaining read the last few days. You guys are a hoot. I think more so than Lars Larson. Keep going please.

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Open forum, June 15-21

Follow the money. Tax breaks is why these people make so much money. We the tax payer pay for all this.

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Open forum, June 15-21

I agree with some of what you say nail. All it takes is to look at the tax subsidies that a few well heeled developers have received from just the city. I would guess those in the county and other city's receive the same type of tax advantages. Maybe there is a Downtown Mafia?

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Open forum, June 15-21

Hawk I could be wrong but I don't think the county had any control over the marker. It was WDOT. And I believe the marker has been removed. I grew up in that area and the marker was there in the early 50s. It sat by the Covington House. I think it was a group called The Daughters of the Confederacy that had it put up.

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Open forum, June 15-21

Roger : the big thing that I have never understood is why did they want lite rail into old town Vancouver? I could have understood it going out to 164th and 192nd. That is where the biggest population growth seems to have gone. I also could have understood it going north to the Salmon Creek and Ridgefield area. Not Down Town Vancouver. The waterfront area has always been industrial. The rail road tracks and the shipping will keep it that way. I live about 2 miles from the rail tracks and I have got used to the trains. In fact I enjoy the sound at night. But I also don't have too look out my window and see trains 50 yards from my front door.

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Open forum, June 15-21

kn_dalai you are right about Cascade Park. It wasn't only California developers. Western Electric owned hundreds of acres up there at one time. They ran a huge herd of Black Angus cattle on it. Their plan was to build a corporate headquarters there. It never happened. Also Al Angelo when he was mayor of Vancouver got wind of what was planed up there and bought hundreds of acres where Fred Meyer is now and to the east Freddies. And it all started and has not stopped.

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Open forum, June 15-21

About the fireworks. When I was young and had just returned from the Army in 1970 we had block parties and blocked streets off. Our whole neighborhood were in our 20's. We set off fireworks as long as we could afford them. I don't remember any problems with fire. Now as I have got older I don't care for them but as long as people obey the laws I am ok with it.. If you are using them where there is a fire danger than don't use them. People have to use common sense.

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Open forum, June 8-14

Drift I think you just made the most sense out of everything posted today. What was that old saying, to each their own says the old woman who kissed the pig.

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Open forum, June 8-14

Luvithere you are so right about finding it right here in Vancouver. I have washed puke and poop and urine off the sidewalk many many times. Ask Hawk how many times he did the same at his building. We have homeless drinking every week in the parking lot. We call the cops and nothing happens. This goes on everyday.beira mar

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