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One quick Q: Is manthou the great progenitor of great suggestions? :)

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Tech forum

:) Interesting topic for discussion. I might just have to come back to the site now. :)

I tend to use what works. Some Operating systems are always the greatest for me to use but more and more now, they all seem to becoming easier to use and based on the same ARM or x86 processing systems.

And if that was not enough, there is always cloud systems as well.

Anyone here like using Google Docs, Dropbox or other cloud based services?

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

Kn, thank you for the wonderful read. :)

Now on to the next reference open forum thread. Its now open and ready for more commentary!

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

A comment to Hawkeye on . Tony Bacon used to run that public until about a year ago when passed on. I believe now his family or his wife is running the show with now.

The publication has been around a number of years and Tony used to be well regarded amongst many people here in Vancouver. He also used to be on many local boards including the SWMC for some time and others. He was also noted on CVTV for asking questions of local officials with former publisher Marvin Case (until he sold his newspaper to another local newspaper family up north?)

But the site is still up and has been recently redesigned with a new template, logo and other nice material.

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WSUV’s Dengerink honored for service

ZebraBlue ~ Since you have such a negative comment, name a few that you think should be up for the honor?

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WSUV’s Dengerink honored for service

Of all the people I have met in the higher echelons of Clark County community, the one person I can say that I have dealt with personally and deserves this award! He should have gotten it years ago.

I may not have agreed with the context and content of the CRC project but when I was around him, I found him to be honest, forthright and honorable in how he treated me with respect and trust.

If you might here some of the other naysayers who have been long time proponents and had to deal with him, I would hope the same feelings.

It was sad to see him go from the CRC project but I understand to do health concerns and family, it was better that he take his time to concentrate on the most important things in real life.

Hal, Thanks for what you have done for our community. I wish I could be there at the ceremony but if you read this, you have my admiration for what you have done for this community.

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New Seasons eyes 2nd county store

Well to cranky & xly85j ~ To each his own? Some people want certain things in their own ways and will pay extra for that and some won't.

I do believe there is a local market for what you call, "the bamboozled" and there are markets for the cheapskates amongst us.

And complaining about people being fat slobs. You know, I won't complain about someone's weight, if you won't complain about another issue. Its a nonstarter for me unless they're on some form of handout and not trying to better themselves. And that is for ANOTHER article instead of New Seasons Market.

I hope New Seasons looks at the 99th Street Corridor, between Hazel Dell Avenue and Highway 99, it would be an awesome treat for us bus riders not to have to ride all the way out out to Interstate Avenue or 90 or longer ride from Hazel Dell to 164th Avenue.

If I can find better fare at one of the local newly or now established Farmers Markets, I'll go there because I can support the Cowlitz and Clark County farmers that will grace us with some wonderful options and opportunities.

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Columbia River rises above flood stage in Vancouver

I agree GoldenOldie. Since the Columbian property sits just 1 miniscule of a sliver, they could to the Quay or right at the Amtrak station looking west?

I do wonder if they are planning on building this new columbia river crossing bridge a LOT higher up so that there is a flood or high water marks, the bridge won't become overwhelmed.

What about all the nice fabulous log debris hitting the interstate bridges? or the the Bonneville damn keep that all hidden away near Mt. Hood?

hmm. I smell a story that Tom Vogt would just LOVE to write! You know Steven Lane or Troy Wayrynen might want to get out and take some wonderful photographs? Maybe do a wonderful collage if the water goes higher?

Please DO get some photographs of the Gramor site, I know there is some video out there of the 1996 floods in that area and the site was sandbagged.

And Goldie ~ oh no, you have to add in Julianos or was it Leonardos pizza? I think I do remember Julia Bakery, but I also love Larson bakery and Cinetopia when I can afford it. Touch of Athens? never heard of it. Now Namaste indian food up near Orchards is a nice place. :)

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Columbia River rises above flood stage in Vancouver

Mark ~ What level is the Gramor site at? And if its 18 ft at its top most and in certain corners, would the columbian be vulnerable to flooding?

What happens when the city of Vancouver opens up Grand and Esther streets for exit points for the Gramor project on the columbia river, at 18-20 feet, would the newspaper be vulnerable?

I know in the southwest part of your property, the railroad has an open for 6th street and along that area in the railroad berm, its open city!

If the newspaper is vulnerable, so goes the Port as well....

Oh, one more thing for Goldie, free advertising for a wonderful burger? :) You got my eyes perked and peaked.

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Drowned Vancouver couple had been drinking

Sounds like our own best dukes of hazard imitators missed a key factors in how to jump a river!?!?! Those ramps are supposed to go UP, not down.

Sorry to hear of their passing. But you don't do stupid to earn this reward.

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