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Corporate breaks or a good wage?

"Unions brought an end to child labor, fought for eight-hour work days and pushed for workplace safety laws when horrible accidents were common. Weekends were a union initiative. "

True but it's ancient history, with state and federal laws now providing those protections. What benefits do unions now provide to the average citizen and the taxpayers at large? How about $150K / year lifeguards in Newport Beach, and the bankruptcy of Vallejo, CA from having to pay impossibly generous lifetime retirement benefits to 50-year olds. Or how about Boeing opening its new plant in right-to-work South Carolina - sure would have been nice to have those jobs here in WA. Or the ultimate end-game of all these excesses: Welcome to Detroit.

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Datalogic to cut 125 jobs, move work to Vietnam

EVERYTHING costs too much in the workers paradise! Citizens of Oregon - you get what you elect.

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Property Taxes 101 is in session

I'd like to echo the earlier poster's question to Peter V regarding his inability to re-value properties at their recent sales price. Peter can you please explain that further? It certainly seems at odds with everything I've ever learned about the real-estate market - ultimately, true $ value has to be determined by a willing buyer and seller, everything else is just an opinion!

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Washington View: Tax amnesty a bright spot in otherwise dismal economy

Interesting article. What do many of these places have in common? Out of control pension obligations to unionized public employees. For example, the reason Vallejo had to go bankrupt is that a police captain could retire at age 50 with a lifetme pension of over $135K per year plus full medical. Detroit is just the end game of this kind of insanity.


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School bus service in Clark County: Wheels of fortune?

There's an obvious solution - keep the buses, but outsource the service to a private company like First Student. At minimum, get a quote to see how that compares with what we're currently spending.

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Herrera for Congress

"Herrera ... will do the bidding of her higher ranking counterparts in DC wishing to reverse progress that Dems have made."

And that, alone, is sufficient reason to vote for her.

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Herrera visits sawmill to learn effects of federal regulation

Dems gained control of Congress at the end of 2006. We don't need to see Act 2.

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Proposed clean-energy projects could boost Clark County

Gearless wind turbines are already in use in Europe, and right around the corner from GE. That takes care of much of the ongoing maintenance issue mentioned above:


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More than just an office

It's refreshing to see someone doing this locally without expecting government subsidies. Very impressive!

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Rossi blasts use of stimulus dollars on pot study

As a close friend of someone who suffers from chronic, often debilitating pain, and who would give most anything just to get a little relief, all I can say is: "Dino, you're all heart."

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