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Hello there. I never met Kate but I met her mother. Right now the only news feeds we get are through her mother's facebook. We are having a prayer service for Kate in NJ. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid...
This family has been through a lot this past year with the tragic passing of Kate's cousin not even a year ago and medical issues of other family members. I do know that as soon as the family was contacted about her disapperance they filed a missing persons report. I have read a lot of people questioning why it took so long to get a missing persons report and just would like to let you know that. Kate's parents did not get a call telling them their daughter was missing until Saturday night. I wish I had more info for you but like I said I only know Kate's mother and right now all the info we get is through her facebook page. What I have seen from Kate's facebook page is that she is an avid hiker so she is someone that can survive being lost. We just hope she is found soon.

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Helicopters added to search effort

I am a friend of the family and the woman that is missing is an avid hiker so please show some compassion and refrain from your comments as to what she should have brought with her. This family is still grieving over a loss of another family member in a tragic house fire and to put this on top of what they have been threw is unbearable. If this was someone you knew you would want everyone out there trying to find her. Please say a prayer in hopes for a safe return.

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