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Hello. I have information on what Ted Gathe is up to. would you like to know more?

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If you check the comments section on the latest Jim Jacks story, you will notice that my comments have been deleted again. You responded before Lou could delete them. I have posted my comment back to you but it is below as well. We shall see how quickly the comment is deleted again.

Yes Manthou, you are correct. And I am suing the City of Vancouver too. When I discovered the truth about Jacks I went to him and asked him to retract his lies. He was already a State Rep by then. He refused to help me. Instead he went to Ted Gathe and asked for protection. The City has agreed to represent him based on the fact that he was a former City employee and engaged in the defamation as part of his job duties. I shared this information with the Columbian, but they have refused to investigate further. If Jacks targeted me, he certainly has gone after others.

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Vancouver legislator resigns from WA Legislature

Because Scott Campbell and Jim Jacks are friends.

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Seven show interest in seat vacated by Jacks

Sadly, whenever I make a post, it is deleted shortly. I doubt the Columbian has the integrity to report this story honestly. Does anyone wonder why my straightforward posts are immediately deleted? Could it be that I am on to something? Very sad that the Columbian staff have no courage. BTW my posts are not deleted from The Olympian and NPR.

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Hi Lew. I appreciate your forthright comments. While I am not a blogger, I have read the Jacks story with interest. Corruption abounds. It is appalling that the Columbian will or report everything. I am suing Jacks and the City of Vancouver for his unethical conduct. The evidence is overwhelming. In fact it is so upsetting to the City of Vancouver that they have made a monetary offer. I am just appalled that the Columbian would cover this up . . .except of course Scott Campbell is beholden to the City for saving his neck. BTW I was Scott's neighbor for 11 years.

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