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Open Forum, Sept. 5 - 11

So the Columbian protects Madore? He attacks Mr Hansen in an article that really had nothing to do with him Then I think it was Greg Owens questions Madore directly to him, not behind his back like Madore did to Mr Hansen. Then the columbian takes down Mr owens Comment but leaves up Madores? I have lived my whole life in this town and am sick of this newspaper pipming they political agendas. There is a reason Oregonian gets read. They have always had better coverage on the real stories in our county. Your prep sports section has always sucked. Oregonian has better clark county sports coverage.. Please do us all a favor in this town and close your doors, turn off the lights and shut it down. U have polluted this town long enough with your Garbage. Report a truth? ok, but make sure you twist spin and milk it first. Disgusted.

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Open Forum, July 25-31

However, unlike the existing single-story centers, the Boise site’s design is two stories tall.

The Beaverton Big Als is not a single story building like you reported.

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Open Forum, July 18-24

Jack Burkman · Top Commenter · Council Member at City of Vancouver
We've been told they are interested in having a restaurant downtown. The current building has no seating or drive-in so it's a tough way to run a restaurant.(speaking of Burgerville downtown).... Must be real tough Jack, How long has Burgerville been doing business at that location? 25? 30 years? I read your post and personally they sound like you just blow smoke. The city council may want to take bribes and cram people into Downtown but the Citizens don't want it. Vancouver is broken, and the council is running out of duct tape.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

I think there should be a "dislike" icon on Facebook right next to the "like" icon. The only option is to like.

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Open Forum, June 7-12

Does anyone know what the medals That Cash was wearing around his neck at the rally are for?

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Why has the Columbian become a pimp for Facebook? $$$$$$$$$$????

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Momma says facebook is the Devil!

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Commissioners balk at baseball contract

I would like to see the new stadium built. Hopefully it would pull Youth and High school Championships to the area in the future. Also it was mentioned that there could be up to 300 events per year there, so it would also be creating some jobs?

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