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Open forum, June 1-7


Until we actually start signing up the "Majority" of new folks who actually pay a monthly premium Health care costs will continue to increase and increase. The majority signing up for Obamacare are getting it at no or little out of pocket costs which is what it was designed for, However the actuaries for cost containment like most in the healthcare law were never Vetted, shame on all those who Voted for it..


BTW my corn is about a foot tall right now..We have had some healthy yields last couple years...Got all my Urban garden in and like past years I said I would cut down a bit on the tomatoes which we did, the Zucchini which we did but we upped the pepper planting and added some garlic and more Onions.. The Walla Walla's did real well last year.. So don't know how many of you are fisherpeople.. PC ya know... It's time to start Summer Steelhead fishing. It's fun and easy without a boat...With the great weather ahead nothing like spending a couple hours on the sandy beach looking out over the beautiful water...

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Open forum, May 18-24

We cannot use ignorance as an excuse anymore unless your a Democrat or Minority like Sanchez, then you get free pass even from Nails.. Never see him poking fun at his more Liberal Brethern down in the basement whens theyz slip up you know. As much as some of us peruse the internet these days we should know better...

Hilary getting down with the common folk saying' Why should CEO make 300 times what the worker makes in a year? Wow she made 20million alone in last 6 months from just speeches. What do ya think her makeup artist makes. Better be more than a couple Hundy for gosh sakes, that woman has allot of Bad road to cover up... Oh now she has a couple more personal email accounts .. Yeah I’m sure China and Russia know more than our congress and US American Voters about what’s on those Hillary’s servers. Non secured personal servers…


I grew up IN SO and lived in Jacksonville. The lake has pretty much kept a very stable amount of water behind it since it was filled in the late 70's. My dad and I used to fish it and the river on many occasions. It is so beautiful down there. Being down 25 ft is pretty much normal for them this time of year. It will continue to go down through the summer. The Applegate river actually starts in NOR Cal and runs into SO before dumping into the Rouge.. You could compare this river with the size of the east fork lewis but just a bit larger...

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Open forum, May 4-10

You can believe the UE numbers as most Libs do. Fact of matter is if you count those who have quit looking. If we added the 45% of Americans not being counted by the US what would the numbers look like now. 10% in WA State..
Obama praised his signature healthcare plan yesterday saying now look at the numbers. Free is a very good price. And most of these folks have cell phones.Whose paying that bill. Oh maybe it's the free obama phone, Nope those are I Phones..
Hey Curmudgeon Hawk, are you going to be up when your Mail person comes around? You must be Tight with EX Texas governor Perry, does he tell ya where all the ISIS camps are. Maybe pass that news on to Obama, he will know what to do with it right. Kinda like stepping in and sending the AG to battle Local law enforcementry folks everything the Race card gets played.
race relations at loweSt since 70, wonder why, the great divider, that must hurt the most. Those that actually voted twice. Fool me once, yep but fool me twice and whose the fool.Stay out a sun tomorrow. .

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Open forum, May 4-10

With the Presidenot back in town I hope he gets a personal fitting out at Nike todaY then off to visit the last of 57 states in the USA South Dakota. I'm sure he has been reminded by now how many states there are.. I like his comments last night. I Love Portland, it never rains here, and it's so greenery here. I wonder who ordered up the weather, probably The Governor right LOL...
WHOMEVER is the next president hastrong Quite the mountain to climb and undo all the damage this President has caused. Maybe the Crook Clinton would be best fit...

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Open forum, April 20-26

I hope you know Obama care is the same program you can get in open market ... Just no SUBS....
You had to SIR the pot Didn't Ya.... Most people know how it's working. .

GO. . I might just stop at Freds. . I smoke Sockeye Indian Candy Style.. Look it up...

Just stopped and picked up Blind Onion Pizza . Yummy. .Expensive too.

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Open forum, April 20-26

Hello fellow Basement Dwellers...

Long time good times. Just celebrated 25yrs of bliss with my sweetheart... Took in a Mariner game last Saturday while on a trip . Wife likes baseball and the mariners..
Been pretty busy lately...Also have a sick Pup on hands that vet has yet to figure out whats up. First they treated for ear infection, wrong then maybe he ate something so they gave him what Charcoal , nope that wasn't it and he will still get up and whine like ear hurts so waiting for next steps.. He is a Pug..

Have planted many veggies already and Corn is now up about foot.. Garlic looks great, tomatoes already 3 to 4 ft tall with many yellow blossoms. Not much to report else wise. Waiting for the steelhead count to get up just a bit before heading to the bankie...

Our area is very beautiful and wouldn't trade for any other place except Love Sunriver from now through September and like the "HIGH" lake fishing and Kayaking...Everyone have a great weekend

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Open forum, April 6-12


Sorry I'm still not convinced 200 IL unaccounted for... If that were case we would have folks in jail.. Some people who didn't want to see it built "claim that" but no one has been able to uncover miss apropriated $$$.. Even our Crack legalize person, can't remember her name, all she said for 2 years was I have proof. It never came to fruition and don't know where she is..I'm just so skeptical of all these folks who claim or believe this or that.. Overpriced in some eyes but in reality every job of this scope can be scrutinized for Over priced because everyone can build there own version for less. LOL..AGAIN JUST MHO..

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Open forum, April 6-12

I read where you posted what doomed the new I bridge was missapropriated Money. Who Did this and who was prosecuted for it.

I must have missed that month. Lol...
The bridge was doomed for several reasons I've read like too low.. Must have light rail and No backbone of State R to get it done. DE MS were pre etymology much against that spending in our county.

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Open forum, March 30-April 5


Interesting Points. Not having delved into this very much due to laziness and schedule I have tried to reach out to several sources for Clarity. The bill as passed is an anti discrimination bill about religion. It mirrors most of what Clinton's bill which passed in the early 90's with a couple added caveats. Being it was an anti discrimination bill about religious freedom where did and the how did it become about anti personal sex choice???

Indiana and Oregon have similar laws on the books which ended up costing sweet cakes their business. So there are laws already in place for this kind of discrimination in Indiana.. So sweet Cakes was punished by the state of Oregon for refusing to participate in an event that the state of Oregon did not recognize. I believe religion and gender preference are two distinct different agendas...And should be treated or legislated as.. I don't know where i am going with this, just looking to learn more.

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Open forum, March 23-29

Good question for everyone. Being a business owner myself....
We all know people who should be refused service. Ungrateful Idiots for one.As long as you treat my staff and myself your welcome at my business. We don't care what religion or choice you make personally...
As for Harry Reid quitting, it's about time. Times are a changing and he isn't on board. most obstructionist congressman last 30 years...
Ncaa BB is just getting warmed up as is our weather..hope everyone has a great weekend

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