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Interesting reading on the Home depot hack...Maybe we should have chips in our cards too... Same for DL and SS cards too. Fake versus real


The only way they would find out if you did not have health insurance on your tax return is through the Audit process.

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Open forum, Dec 22-28

Ok then we should have topics like will the Seachickens make it back to the Super Bowl or more Soup recipes or whether Nail will get over his hemorrhoids brought on by the Bush administrations handling of the Texas Rangers scandal baseball team in 06 that is now on the current Presidents plate...See this Pres doesn't do baseball.LOL...Just had to throw that in.

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Open forum, Dec 8-14

Couldn't agree more on the smaller classroom size. Having put children through our local school system at times was a joke. I have said this many times before, there is no need for 4 counselors at each High school as well as 4 ast principals at each. Take that salary alone away and Shazam, Our school system is a bit broken to say the least.
As for my pension, I paid into it for all the years I worked and bargained every four years to put more and more into it only to have Wall St. screw me out of a good portion of it. I’m glad you did, that’s Capitalism at it’s working best.

As a sm business owner we don’t have all the perks other folks might have in the Public or Union sector but we can still create our own “Pensions” through various plans. All of them are managed similarly like your union plan is managed. By Plan managers and advisors and or yourself, all of whom should be local people. The term Wall Street is way over used and misunderstood. Who manages your retirement money??? Most likely not someone from Wall ST…You might not even have any of your money invested in any of the companies on the Dow. So when you hear on the news the Dow went down 100 pts, did that or does that affect you and your money, Maybe or maybe not. Most likely your money is in the “Market place”…What really has annoyed me are all the people who lost sizeable amounts of money from 08 and forward. Most folks should have recovered all of that money and more if properly managed.. But this is where the word CHANGE comes in.. Some people no matter what will not change what they think or do even as it’s hitting them in the FACE. If you continue to do what you always have done you’ll get what you always got… Anyway enough of that, I’m glad you have saved and or are saving.

As for the storm, I had the opportunity to drive eastbound on Hwy 14 last evening from DT Vancouver and there was plenty of debris on the roadway but C Tran buses driving 70mph still. Have a good weekend everyone, time to do some yardwork this weekend.

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Open forum, Dec 1-7

You must be thinking of running for office.. Let me see, is there an Extraterrestrial new gonga out there today.... And at a local level, kind of parallel to Manthou's comments concerning Jeanne Stewart needing to listen her new much numbered democratic constituency. And so how many are these democrats?? Why doesn’t she listen to everyone , formulate her own opinion, using her own mind without having to pander to anyone..The Rep far out voted the dems in the last election. If any of the Dems crossed the Party line and voted for her, must have been a rather compelling reason why.. I mean , don’t those Dems just dislike pretty much everyone who isn’t a Dem???
Poor Lou. Not that he reads anything here in the basement anymore but he might try a different tactic in order to get back into somewhat good graces with Ms Stewart. "Thall shouldn't fight with some women or get their nose bit off". Lou barking up wrong tree during and after election...
On another subject from last week it has been my opinion when someone says they've had 2 beers to drink, usually means they had a few more, just don't want to admit they have. In Mr Abbott's case the Blood Toxicology reports will show what he had in his system when they took his blood sample. If the prosecution has that info at this time they are not required to divulge it up and until discovery if the defense hasn't already obtained it. The Prosecutors office will show there hand though on the charges they plan on bringing forward i'm sure..Either way pretty sad someone dies again due to someones own selfishness… Get stoned or Drunk and drive..

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Open forum, Nov 24-30

Thanks hawk and nails and GO and everyone. Nice to let ones "opinions Flow Freely" wether one agrees or not. GO those were hundreds years ago, not like they had the LAWS already on the books like we do now. We just need to follow the LAW and not make "UP' new ones as we go.

Hawk. Great numbers you brought up but still no protesting those deaths or those by white cops in Chicago against Blacks..It's all political...

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving... There is much to be regretful for...I don't have to look far.

Everyone be Safe

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Open forum, Nov 24-30

Who you gonna call when you need help? Same police. 12 people on the Grand Jury 3 black 5 women, rather diverse, all witnesses were black that were questioned by 3 separate agencies to get there stories, none of which ever spoke with the media of any kind. Are you saying they made a mistake, or what really are you saying? I'll bet none of the African Americans on the jury were out Looting or burning Ferguson down. No they were able to see and review all the facts and came to a decision that the officer was justified in shooting Mr. Brown.

Where are all these folks when it comes to the over 500 Murders of Black people in Chicago and over 90 Officer related shootings in Chicago as well. Just last week a Black Officer shot a white guy in New York, but no one was there protesting. Anyone that is saying that the GJ didn't do there job or the Cop should go to prison wasn't there and the facts speak for themselves. The DA Laid out the facts of the case brought in 3 separate entities to do the autopsies and they all made the same conclusions. Ones mind has to be closed not to see the facts.

"Meanwhile "MOST FOLKS" are scratching their heads. 74 % of Americans opposed what the King of the US did regarding his new immigration proposal. Maybe most of the LIBS you hang with are wondering, well if you all put the Detroit down long enough you might not have to wonder.
So you thought it was "HISTORIC"..How Ironic..
Didn't hear Obama say one thing about the Officer. If it were the other way and the officer were Black, I would bet my last Dollar he would be there in person.
What about the parents. That's the sad part of our society. The breakdown of the Family unit, the lack of parenting going on is just terrible. Drive up 99thst past CR and see those kids out there, apples not falling far from the trees I'm guessing. Last week drove by while young guy was being cuffed, I'm sure the cops were just helping him on his way.
It bothered me and my wife how our president was mollifying the parents of Mr Brown and did and said nothing of the officer involved. That is not what a leader of a community or Nation does, but it is what this president has done since day one. He continues to divide, I guess nothing new here.

Another Moron stepping in
"We are on the side of Michael Brown to fight for what is right," the Rev. Al Sharpton says in front of Michael Brown's family...Just another Flame thrower. He has yet to make a single entrance in Chicago with over 2K murders of black people since Obama took office..

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Open forum, Nov 17-22

Memorial service this weekend for 7 yr old Candence Boyer hit and killed by driver under the Influence. This is a Sad reminder of what driving under the Influence can do and cause. I have never really said much about the subject of legalized marijuana or Alcohol and driving while under the influence. My thoughts are we'll see a pretty sizable uptick in this sort of carnage since the legalization was passed in WA and Now Oregon. It has already increased in Colorado and it's usage has dribbled even further down the chain where more and more youngsters are being caught with it on there person. Recreational use is quite a "loose" term. To me it means I can recreate and then possibly get into a motor vehicle and then endanger ones life and others, no different than going to a bar, leaving "Buzzed" and causing the same carnage..
It shouldn't have amazed anyone else that more people voted one way or another for or against it in Oregon than they did for any elected official in Oregon during the last primary. Probably because it was on the ballot before they got to Governor and they ran out of munchies. I just see too much of this going on and so much denial.. Just my morning rant.. Sorry to be a downer.. Hitting to close to home this one.

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Open forum, Nov 17-22

Ok I'm a coffee connoisseur. I will go to Chucks against my better judgment just to try this Kick A$$$$ coffee. I like bold coffee so I'll try it..Thanks …Matter of fact I will be heading there shortly…

Roger. I doubt we will have more Republicans because of the ACA but if so fine..Having 5 children myself I always find it interesting when they call me regarding whatever type of insurance. Seriously they call me more often than my avg client..Wow is me to talk with my kids. “But” they complain so much about the high cost of all types of Insurance… ..I have full coverage why isn’t that… Couple of them choose not to carry health insurance this year, it’s their prerogative.. Now their complaining they have to pay a fine next year .. ..If someone is receiving Health Subsidies they really shouldn’t be complaining because they couldn’t get that price without the ACA, most likely… Again this year’s penalty is reallyy not much compared with what your premium is if you don’t want to purchase health ins.. BTW your son is not alone. Haven't had a client this week that has seen there premium go down wether they are going through the exchange and please the private sector is GOING UP big time.

Jack Jack, The subsidy is not going away and will actually increase a bit each year.. Without the subsidy those on the ACA or about 63% of those on the ACA did not have health insurance last year and would most likely drop the insurance if there wasn’t a subsidy.. Remember we started with 40mil Uninsured folks.. We now have only 35.3Million uninsured folks.. Boy the ACA really helped those numbers allot.. One has to remember the numbers thrown about by the WH .. 7.5Mil signed up through the exchanges.. Well 37% of those already had health insurance last year.. My question here did the ACA really accomplish what it was trying to do..

Luvithere: The ACA does have a “couple” benefits that were not in place before it’s implementation.
Pre existing illness no Bankruptcy I’m not sure about.. What has happened however is the avg Ded has gone from 2500 to 5750 in just one year. If your over 45 that number has gone from 3500 to 7500.. So along with your monthly premium and the higher deductible Most people are paying alott more out of pocket than ever before. FYI, were going to have some numbers hopefully in Feb or Mar regarding the actual out of pocket expense per person before there plan kicked in to pay for those who signed up for the 2014 year.. I doubt were going to see a savings of $2500 per family…NO LOL..What a bill of goods were sold to the Dems who voted for this. One other thing check how much it has added to the ND… China boy still laughing at us Stupid Americans..

I have one more comment for everyone to Ponder...
Did Local politics of whatever kind have any affect on your personal bottom line compared to what the ACA has had on it...

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Open forum, Nov 17-22

Yes that DIRTY LITTLE word all you LIBS have said nothing about since GRUBER started saying all “You Dumb Folks who Wanted Obamacare are STUPID…. Why didn’t any of ya come out and defend him, Obama or the Obamacare..This Presidency has taken most of us to the cleaners..
Some statistics to mull over.
24% of those who signed up for Healthcare did not make it to their 6th payment in 2014.
36% currently haven’t made it to their 10th payment of 2014
These numbers are just for what we enrolled from the exchange or to Private insurance companies.
Alarming statistics to say the least! What does it mean? It could mean several things.
Cost too much, can’t afford
Have other “things” I would rather spend my money on
I don’t get sick that much for my Health Plan to pay for itself

Exchange rates going up avg 7.5% here locally but Private sector Ins Co’s look for 15% increase across the board increases or more depending on what POOL you are in… FYI My increase looks like 24% over last year which was almost 22% over the previous year... So in the span of really 13 months my wife and I have had our premiums increase by almost 50%> Yeah that sounds reasonable…The reason for this is simple. They can. They have to collect the money from those that are healthy to pay for those who are less than healthy..Oh the one other major player ate those utilizing our health care system but not paying for it. Anyone want to put a number on that figure. I bet you’ll be on the low side if ya said 15Million.

Maybe some of you could throw in a few. But wait most of ya are on Medicare and haven’t seen the huge Premium increases most of us have..
There is a reason I bring this up NOW.. Everyone should by now have received there Renewal notices if they had health Insurance last year and are just seeing some huge increases in their monthly premiums. These insured’s are asking why their premiums are going up again over last year. If you buying from Obama your only seeing maybe 5-9% increases..So a monthly bill going from $300 a month to $325 may not be that big a deal breaker. But someone going from $412 to $685 a month and with there Deductible going from $3500 to $5000 that’s a big deal…

Simple Answer: Obamacare, Risk pool composition. Narrowing of the pool that adversely affects many. This was not the case prior to Obamacare… So what was once a reward for being healthy has now become a monetary burden for most Americans purchasing health Insurance today.
It just seems that if this guy Gruber were a R some of you here woulda have been pounding those keyboards like Liberace on speed.
Anyway, tis the season to Rant once again. Can’t wait for 2015 and / 16…

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Open forum, Nov 3-9

Chucks doesn't carry my Fav football snacks.. Chicken Wings of any kind.. One would think a specialty store like that would.. Half the staff kept saying their in the freezer section until someone actually pointed out that they don't carry them. They're are also on the expensive side...
On another note did anyone see Pridemores "personal" defeat tyrant... Might have to go to his FB page if it hasn't been deleted yet. Wow, used the F word a few many times..Maybe had to much Libation. This day and age everyone should be wary using SM...That goes for you too N..

Go Seahawks..

OBTW The Ducks looked awesome last night. It was so said to see 3 players carted off with severe injuries. Goods prayers to all of them and speedy recovery.

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