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Open forum, March 10-16


Hillary's wars.. They are from her pre Public Polictics rea and during them.They are more about how she has lived her life prior to since getting into the public eye and since.. Many have suggested she has "gotten rid" of several people who were out to well let the cat out of the bag.. The Rose law firm escapades of the late 80's and 90's.. Do we think for a minute the White house during that time didn't take care of people who might have spilled the beans on the Clinton's.. This is the dark side of the Clinton's, both Bill and Hillary... Very powerful people.. She has also been involved in some of the muddiest events of the past 5 years .. Her hands are not that clean... Can't we find someone better, either Dem, Rep or a woman... Time to clean the White House..

As far as age, she would be the 2nd oldest to hold the office if elected. Many thought Ronnie was too old especially during 2nd term... Why is there an age minimum of 35.. Some would think that is age discrimination in reverse....Don't know that Rush guy, I thought that was a band... LOL...OBTW many Dems made McCain's age an issue as well, guess it comes with the territory of getting older...

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Open forum, March 3-9

Well as we get older I think our views change a bit.. But I have been to a couple in Portland about 10 years ago. The south "Atlanta" had such a "Professional" feel about them. The few in Portland still have a different feel about them...The Single Barrel malts in the South were better too. My wife even went with me on my birthday once. We went with a group of couples one night and I have to say my wife wasn't as prudish as I thought she might be. I definitely know she wouldn't want our DD working there though. Have to also admit I a have two clients who work in an establishment in Portland and are working there way through college.. They are also never late with a payment...You are right, ownership is key...

So what do you think if Hillary doesn't run in 16.. Was reading some thing from the Post that there seems to be getting a little traction that some very Important dems arn't liking what she has been saying lately... Do you think her age will have an impact on her decision too. She will be almost 70 and she has been through allot of wars personally and professionally.

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Open forum, March 3-9

I went to these places for the food. Some of the best Gentlemen's clubs are in the South, like Atlanta...Best steak I've ever had, and the views were outstanding as long as that darn pole wasn't in the way....
BTW I do carry most of the time...

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Open forum, Jan 24-March 2

Like I said before there is always two sides to every story..

Dem's slashed Bennies just two months ago now they want to restore some of them...That's why reading a few articles will give you a better picture of what's really going on... Just cut and paste what you want people to read, thus the Lemmings start believing if you keep saying or doing it over and over.

This bill was going to be paid by savings from the Afgan War..
Republicans criticized how most of Sanders‘ bill was paid for - with unspent money from the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the winding down of American military involvement in Afghanistan. The GOP says those are not real savings because no one expected those dollars to be spent as those wars ended anyway. Just another Scheme or scam to pay for something that will be passed onto Taxpayers to pay for. The dems are the ones that cut the bennies for our troops in the first place just two months ago....

Republicans also objected to provisions making more veterans without service-connected injuries eligible for treatment at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. They said that would swamp an already overburdened system.

It's no different than Obamacare. We will just have the healthy young and Healthy older folks pay higher premiums so Those without healthcare can reap the benefits while putting the cost on others backs... We still have 3 million less folks insured with health insurance this than we had last year. And those folks paid monthly premiums last year...

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Open forum, Jan 24-March 2

Pollard is a Grumpy OL B turd....Have you seen him at our local meetings.. He is so Bitter and done...He wouldn't be able to stay awake if the meeting went past 7pm. We need someone with Vitality and Energy. No Re Treads allowed to come back. There are people out there that we haven't heard from as yet... Hopefully someone will step forward no matter ones party affiliation..

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Open forum, Jan 24-March 2


They have already said or hinted they were not going to expand the current number from 3 to 5. If one thinks it takes an inordinate amount of time to get something accomplished with 3 com, 5 would make it even worse. Keep it simple. KISS:)

HAWK..KISS :) Don't even start with me... Seriously almost fell outa my chair laughing. Hey I also want what's best for our city and county. You should bring some of your well thought out ideas forward to these folks. If someone has a better way to get something done I wouldn't put it past these 3 guys to at least listen or read what you have to say. There are open forums at the meetings to bring up these ideas or email them. I'm sure Anna probably peruses these emails daily...

Just why so snarky when someone Kndali cuts and pastes something that brings to lite a purpose for outsourcing right from Madores mouth. It just seems your so negative and bitter... You remind me of Dilbert a bit...I'm thinking once the Sun comes out your gonna start feeling better ...

REASONABLE= having sound judgment; fair and sensible. That would not pertain to many in The Basement there leaning way to far \\\\\\\\\\\\\\...LOL Some ready to blow Gaskets too..~~~ that is international sign for the sky is falling

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Open forum, Jan 24-March 2


You are such a shrewd lemming you are. These were just examples. But as you point out the sky is falling attitude I'm sure you must have allot of friends whom you share your common sky is falling attributes. I don't hang with such downer folks.. I can't remember the last positive post you made here, probably the samo with your wife or sig other.
BTW 62% of personal Insurance is purchased over the phone or Internet….BTW if you counted Health Insurance That number goes up towards 80%.. Obama would have you believe 95% LMAO.. But that's another topic..
Between you and Manthou you two should be running the county, you both talk such a good game in the Basement… Maybe give these folks some of your lifes personal and professional experience, maybe they will listen to ya.. You two outa go complain to the so called source M&M boys, instead of complaining down here. I still would like to see those examples where the 3 commissioners have cost or spent the county’s money like in the millions that Manthou would lead many here to believe. Don’t tailgate to close to Manthou you might get brown nosed.

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Open forum, Jan 24-March 2

I predicted Clark County would be bleeding money losses from the M and M majority coalition. It's happening with no end in sight?
Can you quantify that statement with and where the losses are coming from.. What specific losses did our commissioners cause the Clark County Folks..
I don't get why you’re so worked up about Madore having an Assistant? This whole assistant thingy is a non issue to me. Heck I have an assistant and she does probably the same things Anna does. The word assistant = a person who assists or gives aid and support; helper. There ya go...
When our local Sheriff's department and Pros Atty office has cost our county what 20 million and counting so far. We have these Folks fabricating, Mishandling and destroying evidence which put men in jail for years and cost the county MILLIONS....

As far as outsourcing In theory, the idea of contracting public services to private companies to cut costs makes sense. If someone is willing to fix streets or put out fires for less money, that should be a plus for a government’s bottom line. Many state and local governments have identified hundreds of millions of dollars in savings by hiring outside contractors -- or a neighboring city’s services -- to handle tasks like trash collection, pothole repair, and water and wastewater treatment. Why not someone to do this process. But far be it for me to know these things, I would Ask Mr. Madore why he might want to outsource this job.. Get the answer right from the mans mouth...

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Open forum, Feb 17-23

Interesting article in the American Thinker, from a writer from the New York Post... The Polarization of the American People...It is also witnessed here in the basement. We have the Unusual suspects still blaming the R party for today's wow's and we have just a few defending the conservatism left in the basement....There was a great article in Saturdays paper on the left side of the editorial page. It's funny that none here in the basement has made light of it yet??? Interesting in that so many here and there have Ragged on Benton yet he gets quite a good report from an expert in the field and the County...

There are always two side to every story, but not every story is written that way, AKA LOU'S own writing is like well easy to predict and pretty much Boring...

I just had my own coffee mug Made..... Don't read stupid stuff, it may make you do Stupid things....

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Open forum, Feb 17-23


The owner was interviewed yesterday and spoke about the Recall. As far as cut and pasted man.. If you don't know this BS by now you've lived in a cave....Dude wise up not Wise A$$....Typical Liberal BS, you "ALL" just yell louder to be heard. Kinda like the 1% marchers back in the day.. Where are they now.. They quit after coverage stopped covering their nonsense.. LMAO...
HE " you probably mean Obama got people on healthcare who weren't on before.. That's another myth... 60% were signed up on the Free plan they already qualified and of the 3million who had there healthcare cancelled only 350K -400K have signed back up. Those can afford the new rates while the others are still shopping or will not purchase do to the higher cost.. Like I've said before I have an office partner like many Liberals, they believe something because someone says so but not based on actual facts or actual events. I deal with this daily....We quote 10 family's and sell a couple or provide what there qualified through the exchange at no or little cost to them ....

NAIL- Heck NO!!! Pretty clear he has lied, Misled the American voters and let down the black people in the US... They don't want speeches anymore they are demanding action.. He says he doesn't know anything and he is right.. Sgt Schultz Ver is Hogan.. Keeps his head in the sand and blames others... Sebelius even blaming Bush for some of the healthcare website wows.. Really

And Nail do You.. You seem pretty Smart. Uh hum so what you say...Has he lied to the American people, has he misled led the American people???? You know he is now the 5th best President of all time according to a Quinipac survey...

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