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Burglaries spike on Vancouver's east side

People, people, people.......Do what you do and I'll do what I'll do. But don't put down others for how they will protect themselves and their family. You may want to tell the nice druggy to take what he wants because you are a nice giving person....but do you really know what he/she's "want" is? He /she might just want you. And they will probably take it by force. I commend you for being nice. I will take a different approach. My approach doesn't mean that I will come out blazing tho. (as some of you would like to think). And to finish my rant.....the only person that needs to worry about how I'll handle a situation is the person coming into my home illegally. So if you are not that person....stay calm.

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Burglaries spike on Vancouver's east side

theone......you must be baking cookies for the criminals then huh??????

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Burglaries spike on Vancouver's east side

"PROTECTED BY S&W" If it isn't yours..............stay the hell away from it......you might get something you DON'T want. I will most likely enjoy giving it to you..........

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Former Ore. sheriff's sergeant hospitalized

Prayers go out to Damon and family......

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Salvation Army honors Campbell family

Congratulations Jody! Stu is smiling........

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Sunnyside teen killer facing 25-year prison term

Still should have been life.....he wanted to be a tough guy. He should do his time like a tough guy........

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Teen hospitalized following wreck on Lower River Road

Back in the day, we called that "Alcoa International Raceway" Lots of racin and drinkin happened down there. Otherwise known as stupidity.......

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Prosecutors file charges in child imprisonment case

All I can think of is "Karma"! Those (so-called) parents should get those same kind of doors!!!!!! Pathetic excuse for human beings........

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County to start planning Chinook Neighborhood Park

$618,000 could go a long way towards building a future for Vancouver. We could come back to rebuilding the park at a later date when things get better for us as a country.

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Vancouver woman wins $1 million Oregon Lottery prize

Congrats for the win!!!!! But I do have to agree with Tooka!!!!!

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