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With the money that US Congress sends Israel annually in direct aid ($4 billion in 2012) a new bridge could be constructed every year. Add to that the hundreds of billions also spent on wars for Israel and for securing and maintaining oil and gas fields and supply conduits keeping carbon flowing west instead of east, and we could probably build one bridge per day.
We need neither massive quantities of carbon fuel, nor the burden of belligerant Israel, as the US has thousands of times the energy to meed current needs, right under our feet.
Please see the following links:



Note: DC current + water = hydrogen and oxygen

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Yeah..About 8 days of carbon fuel that releases most of it's energy potential int the atmosphere as carbon. For an alternative to warring for oil and gas resources all over our planet:


BP and other oil interests have produced a lot of negative publications regarding the use of hydrogen, but this is really worth serious contemplation.

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If anyone is interestedin another nefareous situation that BP is involved in on the other side of our planet:


"Why is Israel so interested in the waters off the Gaza coast?
Why did the attacks on Gazan fishermen start in 2000?
In 1999 the British Gas Group (later BG Group) discovered significant deposits of natural gas under the water 10 to 15 nautical miles off the shore of Gaza. The deposits, named Gaza Marine 1 and 2, are estimated to contain up to 1.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas or the energy equivalent of 150 million barrels of oil."

MRS_T, Thanks for the GLOBAL RESEARCH timeline link. Here is another good article from GLOBAL RESEARCH:


Most of the death and destruction on our planet is consequential to obtaining and exploiting resources for empires.

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listen123, Yeah..."Shooter" meant to kill the guy. Poor shot, indeed.

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Fred McNeely...This is a joke, Right? Halliburton employees were pumping the mud when the well exploded, so maybe Halliburton is secretly employing so-called "terrorists". And maybe Dick Cheney is the ultimate top terrorist, as he was CEO of Halliburton and is still connected. Wow...this is getting complex!! Go take your meds.

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Stowns? Stones. :-)

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Markk and Lintrap fail to recognize WHY rockets that seldom hit anything (less than 20 Jews have been killed by Palestinian rockets since 2000, while thousands of Palestinians have died by Israeli rockets, bombs, artillery (including white phosphorous rounds, which are illegally used by Israel), tanks, warships attack helicopters, drones and all of the other weaponry of the 4th most powerful military machine on the planet.
Palestinian kids throw stones at tanks because the tanks are illegally occupying their neighborhoods. Rockets are fired from Gaza because Israelis are illegally blockading Gaza and placing severe hardship on the Palestinians. Israel invaded Palestine. Palestinians didn't invade Israel. 3/4 of a million people were driven into exile as Israeli terrorists purged the land of its indigenous populations to create Israel. And the purging continues today. THIS is why rockets are fired and stowns are thrown by the victims of Israeli aggression.

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Bottom line: Israel’s blockade is ILLEGAL under international law. Collective punishment, the STATED GOAL of the blockade, is clearly illegal under Geneva Convention IV. Therefore, any action Israel takes to enforce an illegal blockade is also illegal. Israeli forces killed and wounded scores of people on international waters and confiscated a Turkish vessel. This is an act of piracy; just one more in scores of war crimes and crimes against humanity that Israel has been charged with since its illicit founding on other people’s lands in 1948.

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Israel says it will ease Gaza land blockade

Israel's "easing" of the blockade of Gaza is only meant to appease growing world condemnation of it's crimes against humanity. Ports will still remain closed. Palestinians will still be dying because of travel restrictions, including for medical care. Exports of Palestinian goods will still be restricted, keeping Palestinians impoverished and unemployed. Status quo will remain; Israel will continue to imprison 1.5 million people in Gaza while Israel continues bulldozing Palestinian homes in the West Bank and building more colonies on Palestinian lands. Just as Israel has done for more than 6 decades.

I'd fire homemade rockets too, if I were a Palestinian.

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If you liked the defense spending link, you'll probably like this one also. It's about the 3 trillion dollars that it has cost the US to support the pariah state, Israel:


Also, it's not about policing the world. It's about acquiring resources and cheap labor for our empire. The latest example:


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