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Thank you, Manthou. I did indeed write to her. My post in The Columbian was an excerpt of the letter. It took two extra weeks to print here because it was too long and they made me shorten it. But they finally printed it!

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Coal-burning plants defy covenant with Creator

I am frankly stunned by the outpouring of religious and anti-science hatred expressed by many of the responders here.

These clergymen deserve applause for their stand on behalf of all of us. God made Man steward of Creation. That doesn't mean we have the right to foul it in the name of profit or lowest cost possible, but to preserve and improve it, like any good steward. Instead we squander the beauty entrusted to us and selfishly cast our waste (air pollutants in this case, water and land pollutants in others) into the back yard of the other guy, and into the future of our own children.

The Chinese (who are racing ahead on renewable energy like solar that will ultimately reduce their use of coal) have a proverb "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." We are each responsible for maintaining our part of the world - not for waiting until someone else does their share first - how childish to claim otherwise!

Finally, what is this about "good or real Science"? This is a false argument used all too often by people who don't even believe in science (or in science that threatens their narrow world view). It is used to put off any action that might cause a change in the status quo, or cost one penny more than something else, or force someone to give up power.

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Poet laureate for Vancouver named

Congratulations Christopher! Well deserved!!

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Local business owner Don Orange speaks about health care reform at a press conference staged by Org

Congratulations to Don Orange, Lonnie Chandler, and Dustin Lambro for speaking out in favor of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. It is far from perfect, but better than what we've gotten in the past 40 years.

And shame on Cong. Herrera-Beutler for falling in lock-step with her fellow Republicans in trying to repeal health reform without first having a solution of their own. We have waited since the Johnson Administration for the promised expansion of Medicare to include all Americans, and conditions have only gotten worse. The points she offered in her brief speech offered nothing real or substantive.

Vancouver needs more business leaders and citizen boosters like you fellows. Keep up the good work, guys.

Bill and Jo'an Sterr

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Our readers' views

Daven -

"Most Americans would agree with the statement in the Declaration of Independence that governments derive "their just powers from the consent of the governed." But the governed can only give their consent if they are informed as to what they are agreeing to. This is obvious in our daily life. I cannot be said to have "consented" to buy your laptop if you deceived me by not telling me it was broken. One of our most basic legal principles is that a contract is null and void if it was obtained under false pretenses. By revealing massive U.S. Executive deceit Wikileaks has thus revealed that it does not legitimately represent the American people."

The above excellent, cogent quote is from Fred Branfman, as reported today on I'd say those men fit the bill of heroes a lot more than some we typically apply the term to. Manning faces God only knows what from our government, while Assange faces threats and denunciations from what laughingly pass for statesmen in our own government.

William Sterr
(Note I am providing my complete name, not some abbreviation or cover.)

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Cuts to Medicaid threaten real pain

Thank you for the article and your other one containing comments by Pridemore, Orcutt, and Zarelli.

We are going to see more and more of this: save a few pennies on soft drinks, candy and bottled water, and make life worse for thousands.

Allow those with vast wealth to pay minimally in supporting our society, and regressively tax the poorer with sales taxes and fees.

The state of Arizona (!) is already backing off on payment for expensive but life saving treatments (like heart transplants): here come the "death panels" - but from the side that invented the idea.

I noted Orcutt and Zarelli spoke only of further cuts in their comments for your article. As a state we need to take a close look at loopholes that favor one part of society over another, and close them.

An article exploring such would be very valuable.

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Pridemore ends congressional bid

We are very disheartened to hear of Craig's decision. While Dennis Heck would certainly be more palatable to us than the any of the potential Republican candidates, we are afraid he will be another "Brian Baird" rather than the forthright leader Craig Pridemore has already proven to be.

Once again it seems money rules in America, especially when it is equated with free speech. It appears Heck has a louder voice - too bad he has nothing to say!

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Wash. Senate starts clearing way for tax hikes

I agree that Craig Pridemore is looking out for the interests of the voters - even when they are too stupid or too ignorant to look out for themselves.

How our fellow citizens could have been duped into voting for anything by "big business, special interest" shill Tim Eyman is beyond me. In a country which prides itself on majority rule, why would anyone but a fool vote to hamstring such a sacred right? Fortunately we have real leaders who are willing to stand up and do what is right - even in the face of threats by the those who forget what it means to be part of a progressive, not regressive society. Go Pridemore!

If you want to see how people like Eyman can destroy a state look at what minority obstruction has done to California - and is doing to our federal Senate. Is that your vision of a Washington future?

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