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Letter: Democrat tactics revealed again

Yes, a flat tax is efficient. All proposed flat taxes exclude the poor. You can kill an entire bureaucracy with a flat tax. If you link the tax to the budget, you can force congress to either live within it's means or ask the people for more money...which they will refuse.

Perfect to me…and you might even be able to avoid wars too.

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Dentists to feel bite of insurer’s fee cuts


You could pay cash if the system was cash based. The efficiencies would be huge...ask your dentist or doctor how much staff time it takes to deal with insurance companies...all that cost would be gone.

Lawyers are another big part of the problem. Doctors and dentists must carry huge insurance policies, that add cost, to protect themselves from lawsuits.

As long as we are moving towards a nanny state, the costs will simply increase. It doesn't matter what the socialist, who mean well, think. Hard as it may be to accept, the first step should be to make insurance illegal at the state, federal and private employer level. If you want to personally get insurance--you go buy it yourself. If this happened, I would recap the $1,200 a month my company pays for me and my family. That would more than offset my actual costs, so I could pay cash. Not only that, but I would have a huge incentive to stay fit and healthy. Anyone who works for the government or for a large to medium sized company would be in the same boat.

The same should be done with schools and with the transportation system. Schools should be on a voucher system and roads should all be toll roads with private investors. Costs would come screaming down and service would go screaming up.

Government is always inefficient except when it comes to killing innocent civilians. They are very proficient at that.

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Two rescued after hours on Vancouver Lake

Okay...lost on Vancouver lake? Did they miss that the Columbia River, which feeds the lake, is at flood stage? Did they think for a moment it is spring time and the weather changes by the minute?

I'm thinking drunk or lustful. One or the other, because common sense went out the window...maybe both? The beer must have run out around midnight!

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Dentists to feel bite of insurer’s fee cuts

Great opinions...can anyone point to facts?

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New Seasons eyes 2nd county store


Go to Whole Foods or New Seasons. Note the people in the store. All types, all sizes. Go to Costco, Wal-Mart or any of the cut rate store that sell mostly processed crap. Lots of fat people and this is well documented. A fat person who doesn't exercise lives a shorter life than a thin person who doesn't exercise all else being equal. They also spend more time at the doctor, more time out of work, more cost to society.

Pesky statistics! Add a active lifestyle and eureka...we could balance the budget. But most Americans would rather sit in front of the computer or a TV on their fat butt.

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Gas tanks are draining family budgets


I'm not sure what your point is? Yes, the market will decide as it always does. Most cars will charge at night--big users will pay higher fees and charge in the day.

The Tesla S Class has a 300 mile range. What percentage of drivers need to travel over 300 miles in a day?

Look--GE predicts that solar will be economically feasible in three to five years. Things are moving fast and old arguments don't hold weight. The future grid will be a smart grid with fewer big plants and more “at source” production of energy through solar and even wind in some cases. A lot of people fear change, but change is generally good for society.

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Dentists to feel bite of insurer’s fee cuts

Insurance companies...the root of all evil if you ask me. We should eliminate them completely...they are a drag on the economy and they feed inefficiency throughout the system. That's why nationalized health care is so completely inefficient.

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Federal grant means more firefighters

A bit off subject are we? Not saying wrong...just off subject...

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Gas tanks are draining family budgets


Cars charge at night...when usage is low...not driving new lines...

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