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Gas tanks are draining family budgets


Not really. Put up solar panels on your roof. Round here not that great of a deal, but for most of the US population it is a great deal. Think local...local power...the more local the better.

If we weren't sending so much power to California we wouldn't need so many power lines.

The big power folks don't want you thinking that way.

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New Seasons eyes 2nd county store


Ya, we sure have been bamboozled. I like your statistical proof...which is totally lacking. You are welcome to your "opinion".

Hey, noticed all the fat slobs out there? Suppose they are the least healthy Americans in just about ever???

I'm just guessing you call yourself a "conservative"? Maybe look up the word...see if it fits...

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Gas tanks are draining family budgets




China's growth is still above the moving average for the past decade. That's not slowing...it is very near double digit growth.


This is the problem with the 2.2% statement. You need to look at more than a year. Americans are really bad at that. If you do, you will see that US consumption is WAY up and we are approaching peak production or peak oil. Add new economies surging ahead in double digits...and you can see why T. Boone made the prediction. It will be over $10 in five years...there, you have my prediction. Not surprisingly...US demand will be down...but not enough to offset huge new economies that are modernizing.

Ride your bike, buy an electric car and consume local goods…or watch you standard of living slip away.

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New Seasons eyes 2nd county store

Think Ridgefield...don't bother with Hazel Dell!

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In Our View: Build Here, Feds

I'm kind of with jakeboom...this is something to cut given our deficits. I bet there are some prosecutors who just want to get out from under the Oregon income tax...probably pushing hard on this one.

Get rid of the income tax and you could cut the legal system way down...Flat tax please!

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In Our View: Cheers & Jeers


That's a charity. It's not the guys flogging burgers and fries full of all sorts of crap...they just use it to confuse the public. Yes, they are a major funder and people like you have wonderful experiences to point to, but for every person they help they probably kill 1,000 with junk food. Does that add up to you?

All the Cig companies spend millions upon millions on charities and helping educate people about smoking. Meanwhile they sell their cigs to new markets in countries without restrictions and they make a mint. They, and junk food venders like McDonalds, are evil incarnate. Sometimes the devil fools us all…that’s the way he works.

Want some candy little girl???

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Federal grant means more firefighters

This would be a better story if the writer would have done some research into response times. We have half the story here...really a bunch of baloney unless you can back it up with statistics. If the situation is so bad, and it certainly may be, the stats won't lie.

I would also like to know the impact of the money on response time. Will it make any difference? Who knows?

I had a severely ill relative who ended up dyeing in the last year--response time was excellent and the crew that responded was excellent. 911 was superb. Now the hospital...that was a different story. A bunch of jackals looking to pump as much money out of a dyeing body as possible.

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Gas tanks are draining family budgets

For perspective on oil prices, start here:


Consider that this is "just" China. India, Africa and South America are all booming third world economies that are using more and more of the resources.

It will not end well…and that isn’t speculation. The way you can help is by starting the path to sustainable living now. You will be very happy you did when the train wreck happens. Small steps every day…start growing some of your food. Get some chickens. Insulate your house. Capture rain water for your garden. Compost. Think about an electric car. Ride a bike. Work from home. Buy local first. Etc, etc.

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Gas tanks are draining family budgets

luciafalls...3 billion new consumers...duh?

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