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A bear comes visiting in backyard

Let them feed it. It'll cull some out of one herd, or the other. Either way, Darwin will be proven right.

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Columbia River rises above flood stage in Vancouver

It's the "throw enough mud, some of it might start to stick" principle of communicating information to society. There are people that need to be reminded daily that things are happening in their world that could inconvenience them, maybe even endanger them.

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UPDATE: Motorcyclist killed on Washougal River Road

None of these things that happen every spring will cause me to give up motorcycling.

I ride year round, rain or shine. I have skills that will be lost if I leave the bike in the garage all winter. This crash is being reported as a single vehicle crash. I wonder if many of these recent crashes would have happened if operators real life saving riding skills year round instead of only bringing the bike out when its warm and sunny.

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UPDATE: Motorcyclist critically injured after collision north of Brush Prairie

The common term fit a front wheel stand is "stop-ie" or "stoppie". Fun when done on purpose away from other traffic, not so fun when done by accident.

The Hurt Study of motorcycle crash factors showed that motorcycles with large frontal area were underrepresented in crash data during the study period. My own experience shows it is still true, more than 30 years later.

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UPDATE: Motorcyclist critically injured after collision north of Brush Prairie

If the collision occurred at an intersection, like the map shows, the odds are that the car failed to yield the right of way to the motorcycle. After "operator error", the nd next most common cause of accidents involving motorcycles is another vehicle failing to yield the right of way, usually turning in front of the motorcycle.

If folks would just remember the stuff they read in the drivers handbook, you know, the one we all studied to get our first dl, there would be a lot less crashing, and more enjoying, driving and riding.

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Motorcylist suffers broken ribs in Padden Parkway crash

It doesn't matter how anyone perceives a road feature, dangerous or not. If the vehicle is going to fast, and possibly the operator does not possess the skills to properly operate the vehicle, evidenced by crashing in this case, than the responsibility lies purely on "operator error".

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What about that photo of bin Laden?

Photos are too easy to fake with free software available to do it. If Osama is dead, yippee, but a picture won't move me.

As far as the presidents decision not to release the photo, he can do what he wants about this "problem", there are far more pressing issues that need attention right now.

To whether or not the picture should be published in the Columbian or on this web site, you report the news, Lou. Never concern yourself with whether something is news-worthy. If it informs people of what might be important, print it. One dead man's brains won't block out the images of people jumping out of the towers to trade one horrific kind of death for another.

Put a post-it with a picture of a kitten over it in the print edition. Everyone will lift it anyways.

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The Columbian Asks: What would you say to the SEALs?

The seal teams are incredible soldiers, but please don't forget about the hundreds of others needed to make a surgical mission like this possible.

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Ranger is accidentally shot at shooting range

Brandish (verb): to wave or flourish (dictionary.com)

Maybe that word doesn't mean what you think it means?

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Ranger is accidentally shot at shooting range

Just because someone can otherwise qualify to be a police officer doesn't man they can automatically be trusted with firearms.

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