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How would the moderators or operators of this site verify anyone's identity? What would stop someone from using a false identity that looks real?

I could open an account using the name Barack Hussein Obama, and there would be no way to prove or disprove that as my true name. I could even pick a name that is far from the obvious, but no one would know the difference.

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Police searching for rifle stolen from La Center officer’s truck

I've said it before.

Just because someone can qualify to be a police officer doesn't automatically man they should, or can be, trusted with firearms.

I'll bet that nothing happens to this officer for his gross negligence.

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Bikers revved up about law that prevents police profiling

Alleycat, your memory is worse than your illegal exhaust. I have a bike, and have zero need for the things you say are necessary for street survival. I enjoy every ride, and have never felt the need to use deadly force on another driver while under way.

Please cite all the peer reviewed studies on loud exhaust saving a single life. Otherwise, you represent nothing more than immature, egotistical, self centered ignorance with your opinions.

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Bikers revved up about law that prevents police profiling

"If I don't rev my bike before an intersection..." is a ridiculous fallacy. You are trusting your exhaust pipes, which primarily direct sound behind you, to do what a horn (sound) or lighting (sight) or bright colored helmets and protective motorcycle specific outer clothing (sight) could do for you legally. Want other drivers to stop saying "i didn't see the motorcycle"? Do things to be *seen*. I've never heard a report of a motorist that crashed into a biker say anything like "jeez, I just didn't hear that thing at all".

Everyone else already knows that you want loud pipes for the perception of cool, and no other good reason. Why can't you just admit it? If you expect loud pipes to save you from traffic you are moving towards, why do exhaust pipes point to the rear of your bike?

When the loud pipes are targeted due to the fact they are illegal, the wanna be bad ass bikers like alleycat will again go to Olympia to cry about freedom. I want freedom from their childish egos and the harmful noise your illegal vehicle equipment makes.

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Bikers revved up about law that prevents police profiling

Newbie: I ride 10-12k miles a year. I do *not* need loud pipes to help me prevent another vehicle from crashing into me. I have a brain to do that for me, with many tactics and skills to use to be seen by other drivers. My crash-less record shows the attention I pay to riding survival. It's deadly serious business to protect myself on the road, and I don't depend on obnoxious and illegal equipment to save me.

I've been riding a motorcycle almost daily since 1990, with a license endorsement, full coverage insurance, and professional training since day one. I can see the difference evey summer when the fair weather bikers come out, and I can read about the difference in the papers, like when a group of bikers flying colors crash on southbound i5 in Wilsonville because they don't know how to ride in formation or use their brakes safely.

Constantly blaming everyone else on the road for the danger of riding a motorcycle shows a lot about a rider's attitude, and how serious they believe in being a safe rider first and always.

Do I notice dangerous car drivers? Hell yes I do. I also see the same number of dangerous bikers. Take responsibility for your ride, and stop blaming everyone else for what you can change but don't.

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Bikers revved up about law that prevents police profiling

Loud pipes save lives is just the excuse. Defensive driving while on a motorcycle is the answer. There are laws being passed all over the country for limits on motorcycle modifications like exhaust, and if the "loud pipes save lives" crowd doesn't change their ways and learn that it's how you ride that and where you place your vehicle among other vehicles that can contribute to a crash, they will only have themselves to blame for being stopped and cited for the loud exhaust.

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Hudson’s Bay students report flasher

Why wait until the next day to report this? Every high school aged kid I see has a cell phone.

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House budget proposal has clear winners and losers

Cutting financial aid to college students that are working towards being the labor and brains that will help drive this state back into higher employment and tax revenues for the .gov programs that just get more expensive every year is ridiculous. How are the employers in the NW going to replace baby boomers when they retire, or grow their businesses when the people that are trying to learn the skills they need for good jobs will have their education funding help cut, or worse, denied altogether?

Do the politicians in Olympia even know one good thing for this state, and how to set up a budget and financial plan to achieve it? I have serious doubts, I know others do, to.

How about a state initiative to cut our state legislators pay and benefits? I believe that what is good for the goose should be great for the gander. Since budgets are already being cut, now would be a good time to do it. If cutting politician pay puts just one more productive worker through training, it will have been worth it!

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Marine, a native of Camas, killed in motorcycle accident

"Lane splitting" is not illegal in California, therefore it is legal. The opposite of legal is illegal, and the opposite of illegal is legal.

Depending on the model of motorcycle, I would only lane split in CA in only certain circumstances. I ride a gold wing at this time, so I would be very reluctant to lane split on such a large motorcycle. My bike's engine is water cooled and has radiator fans, so I don't have to keep moving to keep my engine from overheating.

Sometimes, people in cars open their doors when lane splitting bikes are approaching. Saw this happen once in CA and the rider was a CHP officer. He appeared very upset when he talked to the car driver, and the conversation was continued on the side of the road. I didn't stick around to see if a citation was written, but I'll bet one was.

A very preventable death. Sad.

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Ticketing to start in emergency zones

So the law says to slow down, but not how much is required.

Common sense varies and is uncommon.

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