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Low levels of radiation found in West Coast milk

I can find my glass of milk in the dark now!

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Stevenson woman’s condition critical after accident

Information about traffic safety statistics in Washington:

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Stevenson woman’s condition critical after accident

Highway 14 is a dangerous highway. Going 100 on that road can easily cause a crash, and believing otherwise is only an effort to reduce the risk in your mind so you can enjoy your ride.

I own a bike, and I know how much fun it is. I also know that near misses at or near the speed limit could have been deadly crashes at higher speed. Ride your own ride, take your own risks, but don't blame anyone else when you crash.

If you come up on a dark red gold wing and the rider has a yellow riding jacket on, and you want to pass safely, just flick your high beam at me. I'll give you plenty of room to get by. But don't be butt-hurt if you crash, and I stop and laugh at you after I call 911 so your carcass can get hauled away. Don't forget to tell your family to keep the life insurance current, and you want to be an organ donor.

I don't believe a bunch of stupid people live off 45th in Washougal. I believe all sports of people from everywhere become selfish idiots when they drive, no mater where they live.

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Third-striker says he’s had second thoughts

I blame criminals for how much it costs to keep them incarcerated. The costs are in large part due to lawsuits prisoners brought about how they are treated, their rights and entitlements, etc. the other parts of the high cost have to do with the prisoners not doing anything to help pay their way. This may have something to do with why some desire to go to prison: the ease of knowing that taking care of yourself is largely someone else's responsibility.

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Third-striker says he’s had second thoughts

Which prisons in Washington state are privately owned and operated?

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Third-striker says he’s had second thoughts

Feel sorry for him all you want. *No one* made him make the choices he made that led up to robbing a business that never harmed him in any way.

Now that he's gotten sober and some treatment, he's seeing his mistakes with new-found clarity. Boo-hoo.

Hard heated, mean spirited, call me what you like, I won't harm anyone in order to survive. That is wrong. Or does it not say that in your bible, too? When you throw away your religious crutch, and realize that this man is where he is due to his choices, and no other reasons. You will see that society forgave him twice, and he spat in our eye.

He earned his life sentence. Let him have it and allow the society he cannot reconcile with be a little safer.

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Third-striker says he’s had second thoughts

It's a funny thing about prisons, everyone in there is innocent, and we wouldn't even have them if people weren't found guilty of felonies.

The purpose of three strikes legislation was to protect society and force criminals to regret what they did. In this case, it looks like it's working.

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Teen gets more than 17 years in shooting

This attempted murderer got a stiffer sentence than some that kill their victim.

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WSP angers gun dealers with records request

The letter was a simple request. The WSP cannot demand the sales records of FFL's without a warrant, but the BATFE, as the license issuer, can inspect those records at any reasonable time.

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