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Hatchet defendant pleads guilty to burglary

*Just for the record not everything I say do I really mean. Sometimes I get a kick out of the responces I get. So I can live with your slander zebrablue and I do not care about your opinion.
JDAWG — May 28, 2011 at 11:01 a.m.*

No, you're lying because you got busted. Slander? Ha ha, not likely, esp. since it would be LIBEL (printed), but that's not the case either, so quit while you're not completely behind.

PS-That would be responSes, and if you don't care, then why bother replying or pretending to set others up JUST to see/care what they say?

You're really full of it, are your eyes brown?

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Hatchet defendant pleads guilty to burglary

Look at the sicko smiling, he should be in prison for life.

The only ones who need to keep their mouths shut are those/the 'don't snitch' cowards and losers who threaten those who stand up to their vicious actions and lives.

JDawg, you are a disgrace to support such an apathetic lowlife perspective!!

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Vancouver slaying victim had tried to leave town

What a sicko bastard!! FRY him to hell!!

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Fisher offers fix for local economic woes

*Can you tell me what you think I should do first?
JoeyCastro — May 27, 2011 at 10:42 a.m.*

Don't add to traffic woes and hold your nose when the winds are blowing past the mill.

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Bears owner: We haven't promised Clark County anything yet

*reported that Clark County commissioners planned to sign a contract Tuesday that would penalize the Bears owners $250,000 if they negotiated for a home anywhere else.
the Bears owners have proposed moving the short-season A Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate to Vancouver, where Clark County officials may help them finance a new $23 million ballpark.*

On who's authority? In these times? Wow, they're really in their own little worlds, aren't they?

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Herrera Beutler votes against timeline for Afghanistan withdrawal

Down with the war machine!!

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Candidate filing period in county starts June 6

*zebrablue — May 27, 2011 at 8:45 a.m. Thanks for almost making me wash the keyboard with coffee. 3 nuts an a boldt is great.
Also, didn't Linda Smith run on a platform of WA residents not paying OR income taxes? Just asking...
Allen — May 27, 2011 at 9:34 a.m.*

I wish I could claim ownership of that, but it actually belongs to the Columbian, from an editorial years ago when then Rep. Boldt, Zarelli, Benton(?) and another bozo co-authored a letter threatening, yes threatening, the Prez of UW for offering gay employee's benefits, and their spouses, or something. You should've seen the rant from these clowns, and Boldt was the main instigator as I recall. Maybe the Colum will locate it and print it again, it speaks loudly as to these 4's arrogance, ego, and delusional holier-than-thou attitude. Not to mention it was not even close to something he as a rep should've been involved with. I've hated him ever since (well, MORE than ever then), and will do anything I can to see all of them lose and fail, esp. Boldt. He needs to GO and NEVER return, all of them do. Back then Zarelli looked more like the Unabomber, too, the Pubes have shaved him up but a snake is still a snake.

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Candidate filing period in county starts June 6

I'll become a career politician! I'm better than 3 nuts and a Boldt added together and factored by five, and that's without trying!

It'll be fun just to screw with the lifer-losers anyway!!

Vote for ME!! NO promises, other than to NOT tow the line or screw the voters! NO tolls, NO loot rail, NO Ptown stealing from WA citizens anymore!!

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Herrera Beutler votes against timeline for Afghanistan withdrawal

Ha ha ha, the Puber syncophant proves her worthlessness...AGAIN. Without the bloated military budget, the GOP wouldn't even exist. Cut the wasted defense total by half, which will save EVERY program, school and job, and then get rid of these idiots like HB and Boner!!

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Fisher offers fix for local economic woes

We don't need more transplants, esp. not from California.

*They extolled the virtues of Clark County’s schools, moderate home prices, and commuter routes that are less congested than in other cities.*

Which MAY have been the case, before all of these people started moving up here in the 80s, bringing their and the problems of all their areas with them. Mod home prices are ONLY because the idiot builders have over-built to an extreme, thanks to bought-up idiots like Boldt.

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