Welcome to The Columbian’s open forum for community discussion where you can join or create discussions surrounding a number of topics, whether it’s something in the local news, an issue of national or international importance or perhaps just a pet peeve of yours.

This forum is a work in progress, meaning we make changes from time to time in its appearance or the way it operates. Our rules of conduct or “community guidelines” also will be subject to change, depending on trends and issues that come up. When we make changes, though, we’ll do our best to give you advance warning and we’ll, of course, welcome your feedback.

The idea behind this forum is to create opportunities for constructive dialogue about our local community and the world we live in. Unlike columbian.com, you don’t need a Facebook account to comment here. Just create a login and you’re ready to talk. While there are rules, as mentioned above, we’re hopeful everyone always pays heed to the so-called golden rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.

Please enjoy. We hope you find this forum useful. If you have questions, concerns or other feedback, contact web and photo editor John Hill at john.hill@columbian.com. You can also send email to our city desk at metrodesk@columbian.com.