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March 23, 2023

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Our Readers’ Views, Dec. 29

The Columbian

Consumers make the key decisions

In response to a Dec. 13 letter, “Incentive to shop here will disappear,” from James Phillips predicting doom and gloom for Vancouver business if the sales tax exemption is eliminated — hogwash. Businesses failed in the past 24 months because they could not compete while the sales tax exclusion was in effect. The economic pendulum swings back and forth, always has and always will. If you can’t adapt and survive in lean times, you die.

The consumer is judge, jury and executioner in the market place. Kmart is closing its Vancouver store because consumers felt they could get better merchandise at better prices with better customer service elsewhere. Oregon shoppers do not flock to Vancouver to shop. The glut of empty retail/office space is largely the result of developers’ and speculators’ building in a saturated market. Drive the short stretch on Northeast 136th Avenue between 9th and 18th streets and see.

Tax cheats benefit from existing laws. Business 101: The strong and those who can adapt survive; the weak get eaten.

Henry C. Geren II


Strong support to reinstate McDaniel

I returned to settle my family in Battle Ground in 2004 after a career in the Navy. I have personally observed the conduct of Battle Ground police officers in performance of their duties. Each situation was handled with a high degree of professionalism, which makes my family feel safe and secure. I have never met Chief Jim McDaniel, yet I can clearly see his effective leadership in the professional conduct of the police department. This speaks volumes to me.

What is the reason for his firing? I truly do not know.

In the rain, in the cold, it isn’t easy demonstrating with a sign, yet dedicated and loyal employees recently braved these conditions to support their boss. I do know that integrity and character count and that the character and integrity of McDaniel was shown to us in the lawful demonstrations by his officers, their spouses, and their kids. This support also speaks volumes to me.

An injustice has occurred, the arbitrary and capricious firing of Chief McDaniel. And an injustice to one is an injustice to all.

Where do you stand? What actions are you willing to take? Become involved in this issue. Contact the Battle Ground City Council and demand the reinstatement of McDaniel.

Daniel Vossen

Battle Ground

We’re south, the other one is north

I don’t understand the controversy about Vancouver, Wash., and Vancouver, B.C. Yes the Hudson’s Bay Company had a fort here. The Americans moved in and the Brits moved north. Now we should not have to worry about the intellect of people in far-off lands, or even across the river, for that matter.

If someone feels left out, or left behind when the Brits skedaddled, I am sure Canada would welcome them. The people who can’t decide or don’t know if they are American or British should return to school.

Jerry A. Lund


Advocate for our gun rights

If one were living in utopia, then one could lend an iota of credence to letter-writers’ rants against the NRA, the gun-rights activists. We all know the reality. Please don’t immediately brand me as some stereotypical gun nut. I’m an NRA member; however, the only gun I’ve ever personally owned, a beautiful .22 caliber rifle, was a gift on my 13th birthday. The rifle has since been gifted to my 33-year-old son.

I pray nearly every day for the safety of my niece, a Portland police officer. So, this NRA member and retired military man suggests the following:

  1. Direct your energy toward abolishing executive clemency and parole for all criminals.

  2. Encourage law-abiding citizens to get appropriate gun-handling skills and safety certification.

  3. Obtain a concealed-carry permit.

  4. Become an advocate for protection of our Second Amendment rights.

You do recall that little document called the United States Constitution, don’t you?

Peter L. Williamson


Bad state of affairs hidden by Bush

Cliff Nutting asks in his Dec. 23 letter regarding secrecy in the Obama administration, “Where is the outcry now?” Nutting refreshes our memory of when the George W. Bush White House gave executive privilege to Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. This is like comparing apples and oranges when actually Cheney and Rove were the criminal element turned loose on our country, serving themselves and the White House.

Isn’t there something missing in Nutting’s analysis? Can he think there was any similarity in the two administrations?

If there were a party-crashing event during the Bush administration, we never would’ve heard about it, or anything else that may have happened. It made that administration look like a pristine occurrence where nothing ever went wrong.

We don’t know what went on behind those closed doors.

We are presently paying for that administration’s mismanagement of everything. The war, Wall Street, unemployment, and homelessness have been acknowledged. Apparently, Nutting would rather not know. Bush hid these facts and as long as the press cooperated, no one ever knew the actual state of our country. It will take decades to undo what the Bush administration foisted onto our country. Get your blinders off, Mr. Nutting.

Donna McGrew


Last minute deals underhanded

Reading the Dec. 22 story “Dems cheer health bill’s likely victory,” I’m outraged at Sen. Harry Reid’s, D-Nev., statement: “I don’t know if there’s a senator that doesn’t have something in this bill that was important to them, and if they don’t have something in it important to them, then it doesn’t speak well of them.” So what did our Washington state senators get for us?

I thought the Obama administration was for transparency and fairness. A handful of Democratic senators in a closed-door room making deals with only Democrats. How can that speak poorly of those who had no input?

I find it appalling that some states get sweetheart deals while others get nothing. Those who don’t have deals will have to pay for those who received special privileges. How do you call this health reform? Sounds like an attitude of we won in 2008 so we get what we want no matter what the cost. Republicans were not allowed in the room to make any deals.

We do need to reform health care but it needs to have open input from both sides. I hope that everyone can see this and in 2010 vote them a sweetheart deal right out of office.

Keith and Maureen Place


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